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Wolf and Spider (color) - Read -- MS PAINT doodler by WonderlandTrades Wolf and Spider (color) - Read -- MS PAINT doodler by WonderlandTrades
This CLEARLY says DOODLEr so yeah. Don't complain etc , done swiftly on MS paint simply to relieve some ideas and feels. it's not intended to be perfect and fancy. check out my other works and my "official" PS/Gimp art! Thanks

Do NOT use in any way shape no form this is me my special OC and i do not want to be you or you be , just be yourself!~ If you want something from us just ask we are always open to commissions and will routinely have "Free" openings such as Art trades, or those who can't art and are young while their parents refuse to buy them art, or simply broke/low pay jobs and can only buy food etc. You can instead Help promote share us invite people publicize etc.
In return we will do your request. But we do need to see proof of you doing such not just you saying you did. We will NOT be walked all over new suck etc or not. Art is time and time is money and money ...keeps us healthy sane..!

Read all descriptions and check out all of works folders notes etc for the final assumptions/conclucions descions etc are made )i am blind and tired right now my sincerest apologies~ Hatter.

This DOES have meaning to it. It's about Life universe future past present talent etc and this pet spider i have and such...i'll get more into it when i am not so busy lazy tired blinded etc,. ~ ciao for now folks.
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Submitted on
May 29, 2017
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