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Why does dragonfly have it's name? by WonderlandTrades Why does dragonfly have it's name? by WonderlandTrades
>>Old and ancient but here ya go. Im still kind of proud of it for back then...considering?
-going in the old artworks folder/
The full title wouldnt fit >< dumb theres such a short limit gaah

Wanted: Why Does A Dragonfly have its name?
Well first this is FAKE i do not rlly know the reason XD this is my Fiction version
~Why? Long Long ago, before dragons left our demension, there was a mighty "breed" of dragon. They Watched over, protected, Helped or even joined the humans and rest of the earth for ages untill one day humans abused the power of the dragons and after half their numbers died out they took some revenge on the people then left and never returned unless the day comes that peace once again reigns. At young they are small, frail and not too wise. the wings start off rounded like but as they age and "fill out" the wings do too (i will upload an adult sometime)
aslo as they age they become larger and more fierce-looking. Despite their looks they mean no harm (usually) to people. If one is real close to people that is not a good sign. they like to keep their distance. When the humans, a few years after the departure of the dragons they found a bug that very much resembled these dragons so they named them, Dragonflies.
~This is the Ice/water type of this breed
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November 16, 2016
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