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Watercave - Artic - A.T W/ ArticTheFoxwing by WonderlandTrades Watercave - Artic - A.T W/ ArticTheFoxwing by WonderlandTrades
You may NOT use this art piece without our permissions. You may NOT use the O.C That belongs to @: :iconarcticthefoxwing: 
Without their permission. I had permission therefore was allowed/asked to use it. I hope that you like it my friend. And thanks for the trade
Theirs here: -… Check them out they're awesome! - --- Next up: Kantewolf !!...Want's me to conjure up some female OC , this will be fun. *gets coffee and marshmellows* (insert evil laugh mauaha..))
--Note: Believe it or not, this got wonked/messed up several times,and several times i had to fix it. So please excuse any errors i have saved the original final in-case you want another format or anything altered, updated, changed etc/.in any way. And i hope the anatomy / shape is okay.
-- I know the colors seem a bit strong or brighter but that is because of the lighting i did and not wanting to hide the lines with the black. Also i /tried/ making a cave/ish wall with those reflecting water ripples but i have never
really tried that before so i don't think it turned out the best,though could be worse for my first attempt winging it. ;) I also have not drawn much in awhile and had inspiration problems,so,i'm pretty surprised and proud of this.
*coughs*~-I think there were supposed to be ears..but didnt see that till i was almost finished,maybe no one will notice..heh.-~
Please do not steal you MAY NOT use this in ANY way. This for Artic and artic alone,please Commission or Art trade me if you would like something i'd be happy to help if i am not over booked (Usually not ATM of this Post Hah!) ------I used Photoshop CS6 and Acer TouchPad (Mouse) ,If anyone was/is curious and would like to know. There are plenty tutorials on Youtube if you are not familiar with it. Goodluck,Nice Day,Enjoy, ...Tata~MADHatter.
IDK tell me what you guys think, Don't be dicks i'm aware of any errors but techs i could try or "Don'ts" to avoid. *shrug*

Art © WonderlandTrades 
Characters ©… ??
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WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Professional General Artist
Read Description/s - Thanks for viewing come again, please do not steal ; All stuff is Copyrighted to Me and Arctic - If you want something reach us commissions are always OPEN and we are always willing to work with you so even if you are "poor" or "Can't art" you can get something! - Please be aware of all things mentioned in our works etc, if you pay attention most questions will be explained and if you're unsure ask as before assuming attacking etc.

- Apologies had to wm due to fear of theft ...
ArcticTheFoxwing Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
aaaa that's amazing! Absolutely stunning!
Ill get my half in asap!
Thank you so much!!!
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thanks,i really appreciate that and am glad you liked it!
Take your time there's no rush ;) 
No problem and thanks again for art trading <3 It really helped me.
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Professional General Artist
And Artic i can give you your own personal file in PM anytime done or altered how ever you want (say if you didnt want the BG or a different one to use on sites etc.) What ever buddy.
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