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Update - Read Below! (In Adavance) by WonderlandTrades Update - Read Below! (In Adavance) by WonderlandTrades
- Note: You can have the free line art to do what the hell ever you want with it btw muwhaha. Idc and you -can-remove the tag/watermark just please don't claim as completely yours IE credit me/us. or link back or something!.. heh..moving on. (Made on MS paint. You can remove bgs on PS via magic erase tool, and color on gimp via color select + delete ,also color erase works when little blocks of white/etc remain.)
Hello everyone thanks so much for all the love and support so far. It's deeply appreciating. Means a lot honestly didn't expect to be here already.
So im whiplashed sorry,im slowly easing back into things and im not used to new DA / systems and such so i hope you can bear that in mind.
And have patience with me. Thanks again. So where were we? Ah yes. You have my sincere apologies,in advance. I will be busy for awhile and well honestly DA doesn't have much a full proof system to alert you of things,from what im seeing. (i mean telling you wether its a comment (important) or random stuff. I may not respond right away and everything i hope that's okay feel free to ask me anything or what ever,i /will/ get to it eventually when i can,but it may not be lickity split/as quick as some may hope,oh and future reference for anyone who's wondering what's up with my tags,im used to it this way. # copy and paste = generalization via profile / things we create/ relate to. Many people do it.
It's more so relating to the channel or page (what ever yall wanna call the account) as a whole than one image alone cus let's be honest that would be -ever- tasking to do EVERY single picture by itself just it's tags. Copy and paste a huge generalization That /Do/ relate to what you work on is better. (I only recently learned tags could be viewed this way on here..heh) My friend/s have been very successful in this method so if any of you are having issues with tags this apparently is a great work around plan!~ Do enjoy and again sorry in advance for delay of activeness. ( i will still post things dW xD, when i can,there currently is not set upload times etc. If anyone was wondering TY!) ~Hatter.
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November 17, 2016
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