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Trex 2.0 Line Art - MS Paint (Read) PNG - Buy by WonderlandTrades Trex 2.0 Line Art - MS Paint (Read) PNG - Buy by WonderlandTrades
I know it's not the best but a man does need to live for his work, and i did spend effort on this. Don't worry! More Free & Cheap bases will be on their way.
See full version here: - in a second -
- Price reduced : 1.$ (just 1!) and/or 100pts (USD)
---- NOTE : Erased a Photoshop(PS6) version for y`all - If you can not use PSD comment or Pm/note me and tell me what you can use i will get it for you. 

All Characters/Art-Work , Creations etc belong originally to us unless OTHERWISE STATED. We will never take claim nor credit for things we did not do, nor will we try to hide it & pretend if we do use some other form of media.
Please respect this, we are always working towards our glow and are slow Self - Taught learners, with many issues at hand to face and go by. All we ask is some common decency or respect. Do NOT steal!! Please ask us we don't bite *unless you're into that..but even then.* - Just my dino speaking - We are always willing to work things out with you, even if you claim to "Can't art/suck at drawingpaintingetc" or are "broke" (maybe just don't wish to spend on my/ art works.) That's fine there are other ways you can help. Just send us a note and we can work something out,in return for our services. We are always willing to please and happy to assist you. Net work has been slow so do give us some time to get back to you, this isn't IM, after all. But if you prefer that, send us a note and we'll add you on skype! No we can't do calls (for the time being) but we will happily talk to you any time of day asap. Thanks!~
----------- be sure to follow everything and check out all our other stuff, it would be much loved. 
NOTE: I am aware of being inconsistent , What you don't realize is i have suffered some things ( i won't get into) and use acer touch pad built in laptop mouse which is quickly declining in it's ability to work as it should. I can not yet afford a fancy new tablet or the like, My health keeps me from this. I am just getting back into the swing and even before i was still inconsistent as i was underknowledge and learning and much practice is /was needed. We're getting there so just be patient, though i may never have ONE ULTIMATE SET THIS IS MY UNIQUE ONLY ME style, as so many others possess. For one what fun would that be? Doing the same thing over and over again even i would get bored! Heh (Just something to keep in mind when judging and is WELL AWARE of any possible mistakes, Just not how to fix them. So don't bother saying things like "That foots too big" that won't really help anyone lol thanks)

-- Tags are Random, As not much time to retype, correlate to ALL media we post not just one particular, So Deal,Apologies -
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Submitted on
June 28, 2017
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