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The Mad Catter -  MS Paint O.C Doodler  (READ) V1 by WonderlandTrades The Mad Catter -  MS Paint O.C Doodler  (READ) V1 by WonderlandTrades
STOP : MINE MINE MINE . No tracing copying referencing ideas inspiring frakendoll bases or any other's works in any shape or form was used for this.  Free handed the head then used a "Skellie" for the rest which i'll show later.

I drew this Bad boy / Sexy POS *piece of shit* on paint with the touch pad mouse built into my Acer.

Time: About an 1hr on the full thing (currently working on a "Shaded" version, but it's a pain in paint , was going to do on PS but the lines... ) Shaded Vz: - Coming soon! - Stay tuned for more folks! comment away always open.

Commissions: Always Open! (Least for now) please come ask me about it in what ever way you like, if you want to try using the commissions buttons (Under construction atm though,) on our page go ahead.

Art Trades and "Freebies": Note i will still try on them but they may not be as excessive as paid commissions / Art trades an exception. - The "Freebies" aren't really free...persay. We can work things out together such as i draw you your character and in return you help promote my page/artworks/youtube what ever. Or if you some kinda old junk you don't want ( such as a dusty little keychain plush you ignored for years) that i can give to my nieces/nephews or what ever works too, Making something out of "art/drawing" such as clay figures or knitting etc, Is still considered under the art trade. As art = creation. Things like that. That's fine too, but i won't consistently be doing this, though you're always free to ask even if i say they are closed. You never know what may peak my interest or what moods i may be in! So come, come one and all! I'm willing to try ANYTHINg and everything to work stuff out and meet your needs ;) thanks! enjoy. Please do not steal my works, i'd be happy to help you out ! If you read what i just said, it doesn't matter if you don't have money or can't draw or what ever there are other ways we can talk over.
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April 28, 2017
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