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Tenshui 2 (New Style/Doggo Version) Ginga O.C (PS) by WonderlandTrades Tenshui 2 (New Style/Doggo Version) Ginga O.C (PS) by WonderlandTrades
Photoshop "Quicky" , well not as quick as my paint works but not as long as my serious works, and i still feel drained i must be sick x.x oh well. Thanks for the paitence everyone im trying to work and do this and that and get everything done. Honest but so much and so little time pah... I love trying new things.  you may NOT use this in any form. If you want something of mine please PM me commissions are always open art trades limited. Thanks.
The speed art will be up on YT soon! I always forget to record them but not this time! hahhaa... Tried going from a Light underneath and shade ontop and sides look, which is pretty new for me. I'm proud to say the least.
SPEED ART: Uploading Here it is! Sorry about the shitty transitions and stuff the thing was over 40 minutes and i shortened it to 12! Holy jizz balls,. /# phew.... aint no one gun` watch 40 mins.
Link: More - The full art work of that dragon and "Wolf" will come soon.~ I just am ill and don't have time to work on it atm. But eventually haha. I may not be doing much for awhile except maybe spazzy quickies that you all may detest for me cuz they look like shit, but i need to focus on my health and IRL stuff right now. I need to get better and i can't if i don't take time to ease off and rest, to relax and not pressure.
Those who understand this you mean everything me even if don't know you because it's so hard to find good understanding people who support you and are paitent and not rush rush demanding. Clap 
You may NOT use this stuff but message me if you're interested we could work some thing out alrighty?~ Thanks ! never be afraid to ask, ask you shall receive steal and judgement shall be upon you and loss of friends.Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon 
Silverwave666 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I draw him again? My art style improved and he was so fun to draw back then! OwO
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Professional General Artist
Sure! go ahead. just link back ;) (to my page) sorry this is so late ive been sick busy internet irl issues 
Have a nice day goodluck have fun!
(ineedtomakesomethingforyousometime) >>
:happybounce: fella dance Dog Dance (gif animation) dance Dance Till You're Dead Dance  Can't wait. ~Hatter
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February 16, 2017
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