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T Rex chillin cheap base  MS paint by WonderlandTrades T Rex chillin cheap base  MS paint by WonderlandTrades
I made this on MS paint and i feel it's pretty good for how quick i did it and on ms paint with crappy touch pad mouse on laptop. As well as not drawing many rexs/dinos etc especially recently (First one in 2-3 yrs dude!)
Otherwise it would be free, and i'm super broke right now and i have no other means of getting $$$ , I may make it free in the future and there will be more freebie bases *Check the folder out in my gallery if interested!)
We can make a trade as well if you're a broke ass like me . I hope it works for you, you can frakendoll etc what ever even trace. BUTTT!! you MUST leave the watermark OR remove it and CREDIT me/support link back etc. plz ty!~ UPDATE: Colored version you MAY NOT use. Purchase Digitally Legally Officially complying to our rules and TOS (terms of service) - It is for Personal things and yes you can make bases etc and sell them but you MUST credit back if you do not credit back this is wrong and rude.…
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
BTW ignore the words on the side that was for the full art i did with it.
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March 8, 2017
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