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T-Rex RED (MS Paint Doodler - Read + Buy $ Base ) by WonderlandTrades T-Rex RED (MS Paint Doodler - Read + Buy $ Base ) by WonderlandTrades
So i worked on this a little (a little?...really bro) than my typical doodlers but still calling it one regardless. Mostly because it's on paint, and that combined with a touch pad i don't know how much"good" it can get with my skills. Shh!
--- You pay purchase a downloadable base here:…
--- You may do what ever you want with it and use as you please but you MUST credit me in some way shape or form no matter how much you alter or change it. Even if you just Eye-Copied or Traced it. Please have respect for us.
Thank You!~ and come again more on the way , we are currently trying to gather footage (via our shittly slow arssed interschmetts ) for the 777 contest winners. Please bear with us, IRL health net etc have not been great. ROAR

-- PS: yeah uh i failed at coloring no matter what i do to color him i'm just not happy. Maybe i lack the skills to do proper color co-ordination and finding the right colors in the color selection box is more than problematic for me.
(If you have tips on how i should color and do the markings etc that'd be great. 
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June 28, 2017
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