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Spyro - The Dragon [Non-profit - Fan-Art FOR FUN!] by WonderlandTrades Spyro - The Dragon [Non-profit - Fan-Art FOR FUN!] by WonderlandTrades
Greetings! Merry Easter kiddos and folkers! ~ Hatter / Hope you have a good one. Here is a spyro fan art that's upload is long over due. I started this about a week ago and finished a few days back but had things going on.
Yes i still art just my nets been so bad and i've had irl issues and such to tend to almost never get time to post. We'll work on that so just please understand have patience and bear with us. Thanks in Advanced.

SPEED ART: -Coming soon..ish! Stay tuned! ~ -

This is NOT to be used WHAT SO EVER! this is NOT to be made a profit of or anything else. Spyro the dragon name character looks design brand asthetics etc and what not STILL -all- Belong to It's RIGHTFUL creators and share holders/copyright owners. You are still using someone elses design and i personally do not find it ok to be deviously making cash off someone elses creations UNLESS you were commissioned by THEM the owner to do so. So no, we will NOT ever never be selling fanart i am HIGHLY against it. I WILL make 'fanart"/commission of YOUR own original character, not related to other things, if you so wish of me, and I WILL do an art trade for a fanart of something game/movie etc related if you want. Or if you "Can't Art" i'll take Promotions as return. :) you know, just help get me out there or at least try then show some proof (like a screenshot or a link works lmao)
Anything like that really. I ONLY include the spyro picture to show reference. i am in no way taking profit claim credit etc or intending to copy/steal etc infringe. Do not frakendoll/base/trace/heavily reference/copy etc plz ty!

~Commission us anytime! WonderlandTrades on the main profile (might need to scroll down a bit) use the widget not donations!~
- Commissions: Open Year round! -
- Art Trades:  Routinely - You'll have to ask in a note. -
- Freebies/requests?: ONLY if you do something in return. Such as promoting us on a page or mentioning us in a Vlog/Video. [anything is possible] - Open until further notice.
-Buy on-the-get-go & grab bags- You'll have to check around our gallery/main page and keep an eye out o0 ....
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