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Spirit Dragoon - Base Reference - LOCKED by WonderlandTrades Spirit Dragoon - Base Reference - LOCKED by WonderlandTrades
UPDATE2: I have decided against letting others buy from this and use it. It was made for star dust alone and honestly i don't know what i was doing sorry, As well i will do a much cleaner version in the near future for you guys. 
-------You can still go to the original page in the link below and purchase one but you may NOT use these lines drawn for Stardust here. Thanks in advance. Ciao for now folks!~
Check here:…
For more information. They are based off the ideal of a Quad - Raptor (Like body/build/base) Imagine a raptor that is able to stand on all 4's or 2's (normal ones could not for their shorter/smaller "arms/hands"). You may draw it either way (Feral/quad/4 legged) or Anthro/Biped/Dual. 2 legged.(With "arms") It's up to you and as stated in the picture credits, This is just a rough base and im hoping you will add your own uniqueness to it and everything you can remove or add as you see fit even alter poses. For those who use gimp/photoshop i have the XCF still please Note or comment or pm me a way i can send to you that works. It includes all layers for easier coloring and altering. Thanks! Comment for more questions ,it doesn't hurt to ask,we don't bite.
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Edited Mar 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
Officially locked for only the use of buyer (and myself - fun personal) but you may go to main set up and purchase one and ask for your own sketch from me. Thanks!
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November 25, 2016
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