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Promotion: Ginga/Gin Speed art (NOT MINE) -READ by WonderlandTrades Promotion: Ginga/Gin Speed art (NOT MINE) -READ by WonderlandTrades
Ok,first off , the image on DA you are viewing IS mine but the speed i will be linking you to is NOT. Nor do i take claim profit or credit i just wanted to promote my dear friend from Youtube. Now,read on....below. Thanks!~0
- Hey there, i haven't really drawn much of Gin, but i was planning on it for some time. I'm shaking a lot more today and did this in a rush pretty quick on paint
as a meer doodle/sketch/ etc. It's not meant to be all perfect and pretty and if you don't like that is your problem not mine,i still draw with a wonky touch pad mouse which does not let me draw perfect straight lines (easy/well)
I do not have piles of cash just laying around so i can "have nice things". Hopefully one day i will anyways to the point of this i just wanted to promote and share my friend HACHI and their artwork here… ,Without actually using anything of theirs to post/having my own artwork up. That's why. I'm not sure what their DA is perhaps if you ask or stalk them awhile you'll find out. Please support and respect them they are awesome people. - You may NOT use this in anyway and as the picture states i will NOT get paid for doing any fan art sorry but if you ever want me to do a fanart for you then consider an art trade or something, as i do not believe in making a profit off other's works and idea. Even if the drawing is truly ours the OCs realms worlds stories ideas are NOT and it's just idk i don't believe in it but i won't speak ill of others who would/do. I will solely be doing commissions of my own characters/art or when asked to do an art work of someone's OC (meaning ORIGINAL CREATION) not a frakendoll,not a base,not a "Recolor oc" or any of that. Sorry. 
---More coming please have paitence. this is a Scribble and NOT to be represented of my best works nor an example of what i can really do. My PS/GiMP2 ones are often better than this so please understand/respect that. 
My youtube is AlphaTenguA hence the WM. There is no speed art of this as i really only do them for my better/fancier works that i spend more time on. And only a few (I only have so much space on my PC atm haha) Enjoy! 

If you want me to do you a promo drawing just ask *(Unless a close friend it'd be nice if something was returned ;) but i won't be a hard ass a bout it. Just mutual understanding and respect,`aight?)~Hatter 
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March 8, 2017
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