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Please,HELP!Hurry..Save me-CreepypastaPokemon read by WonderlandTrades Please,HELP!Hurry..Save me-CreepypastaPokemon read by WonderlandTrades
This is supposed to be a Ghost type inverted/shiny typhlosion they are not "Real" and he is my own creation. Do you speak unknown?~
The line art is referenced / Emulated from Other Works(*coughs X),But not copy/traced as it clearly has our own touch other elements the claws etc.Please note this is old/er. So if you have any problems Deal. Past is Past. I am aware of any mistakes i may have. Not for USE.
-- This was just to vent and get over my weird pokemon obsessions that day. Adding tags later. Thanks! No Copyright Infringement Fanbased
Art © WonderlandTrades & XXX (???) (Line art as said was drawn and given to me)
Characters © Pokemon- Nintendo- Gamefreak - Shopro and anyone else who works with it. WonderlandTrades (Unique form of pokemon and personality etc.) 

PREMIUM download is STRICTLY personal use of artwork you MUST comply with,legally, to not resell - steal the character (You are NOT purchasing rights to the character or anything) purposes such as background demos explanations reviews amvs/gmvs ref (not trace) screen-savers - posters non-profit works etc. If you do not comply please do not buy, You are officially agreeing to these terms by law and service when purchased thanks!
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January 4, 2017
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