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Old Fox WIP / Painting / Artwork + Fox Sculp(READ) by WonderlandTrades Old Fox WIP / Painting / Artwork + Fox Sculp(READ) by WonderlandTrades
This is like super duper old. I think 2015 - Below. Possibly around 2014, since that's when i started "healing" and growing interest for art again. (Not getting into it).
My sister was taking supposed painting & art classes by a nice old man who was super skilled at making surreal/realistic artwork/paintings by himself. She begged me so i went.Saying if i got good he could help us build connections, and such get "out there" in art world. But the guy kept trying to "Change" my painting and paint over it HIMSELF. that aint going to teach me shit... i was not having it. So i eventually stopped going because even after telling him i can't learn that way and wanted to do it and figure it out myself, and wanted his help to show me (Not do it for me.) he showed no regards to it and got mad at me and so did my sister. He ruined her artistic amazing wolf and made it look like a puff ball when before it was more realistic and elegant how could this happen with such an amazing artist is beyond me. but it goes to show that you should NEVER change another persons art work YOURSELF. No matter what.
They should have to do it themselves or it's not the same and no matter how good you are the beauty in it will die, compared to what is made by ones self. Sure you can explain while you do it but do you know how hard it is to see what one is doing with their backs heads arms and hands in the way? at least sit the person down and guide them. This isn't always a sexual act .-. it's helping them know what angles to move and how to position properly and such.
I'm sick of people not trying to teach me and instead either do it for me or ignore me like i can't myself. And then they wonder why i have problems and refuse to ask for help even when i need it. HELP not DO IT FOR ME damnit.
There is a fucking difference. i am well fucking capable of do stuff myself. I'm not stupid. If people would just explain to to me and let me do it myself maybe i'd get some fucking where. Does anyone else have this problem???

Not to be used in ANY way shape or form. Please let us know if you are interested in any are works. Oh and i assume this wolf was drawn free handed since it's on a raised painting canvas (I'll have to show the backs and sides if you are confused) It's got a brittle texture which makes drawing hard and your lines easily bounce off. And from knowing me how i leave "traces" and seeing no "Circles skellies etc " this was free hand i DO believe he gave me a calendar photo to look off and i chose a fox. (As he told us to do : Pic a picture here and try to recreate it from memory, u can keep the original too" ) but i believe mine came out a lot different. This is just obvious observations from knowing myself. u can see my faults in the tail how i messed up and tried to fix it. But it didn't matter then because the paint would have covered it. I never did get to paint in the fox and i'm honestly glad i didn't i somehow like it this way.
My BG was much more detailed and fancier before he started splotching it up and smearing the colors and such :/ (what he did to my sisters wolf *cringe cringe cringe* i mean dude he made it look so bad and it was so good xD Wtf.

-- As for the little sculptie that was done around 2015 or lower as well and was just a quickie to form cloth around and try to make a plushie for my friend. It's tail is now broken thanks to my dad moving stuff :U (and my BBA LE...)
I don't think i will paint that either honestly. But if you like it and want me to try and make you one and paint it or leave it naked for you to paint i can go for it. Just know i'm still in practice stages on those and they tend to be super fragile i am currently trying out baking clay and other things to see if i can make them "hold together" better. As well i have just got a 3D scribbler pen and plan to make sculpties like Mimikyu/pokemon and your ocs etc.

So , message us if these sound appealing to you! i am always willing to work things out EVEN IF YOU ARE BROKE!! so just ask what can it hurt ;D ? ~Hatter 2017 // All art work belongs to me originally thanks. 
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