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My son - Art Contest - Digital by WonderlandTrades My son - Art Contest - Digital by WonderlandTrades
Another contest that you had to Draw to win an OC. Won~ I wanted to use him in my ongoing mental comic/animation that would never
happen. yet again an old/er artworks done on gimp 2 no reference or tracing what so ever. Not for reuse. Download for BG posters etc.
- Ginga INSPIRED but NOT a fanfic spin off of it.
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queenofeagles Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Looking good! The head of the left one seems a bit big, but you did well with the anatomy of the right one!
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Professional General Artist
Ohh thanks eagles ! 
Yeah the head was a bit big. (The shading there doesn't really help it makes it look rounder and fatter than it was drawn)
But the point was trying to size difference. He was supposed to be "Big fluffy thick (Muscular) with big head and jaws , like those dogs irl. 
The legs came out really poorly on him but are hidden by shadows. Ive always struggled with sizes and muscle/shape etc. 
Not sure what dogs i was trying to base/reference him off of but i am guessing one of these…:…
Probably it's the snout which is too long. (short snouts always look weird to me but then i end making weird long ones) more fur and a stockier body ( shorter legs but wider torso?) - think bull dog but not quite that dramatic.
queenofeagles Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
awwww, those reference dogs are so fluffy! and huge :O If you struggle with relative sizes then it might be useful to work with a grid. Lay a grid of squares over your reference drawing and on over your own drawing. The dog in the reference drawing is X number of squares high, Y squares long, has legs that are Z squares long. You own drawing should have a dog that has the same dimensions. It might be a little cheating, but it's better than tracing. You could also have a reference dog in a separate layer - not to trace it, but to check once in a while if your dimensions are still okay.
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Professional General Artist
Yeah the grid sounds nice , just never really work with well with default ones on my programs.
I have been putting an image to the side in a new file all together how PS let's you. (dragging the tabs) 
Shrinking it down and zooming about so its side by side to my drawing and i can still see the full body.

The issue is when i am drawing smaller it feels too tight and i tend to mess up more and everything gets blurred together and messed up.
So i instinctively draw bigger/bigger canvas. I guess that's just a practice thing or something + good judge of distance. 

I'll see if i can find some particular grids set up for doing that. I don't see why it would be cheating, it's no different from using a ruler or some other tool
in traditional. All pros do that if they want to be super accurate. Heck yeah it's better than tracing. Tracing won't teach you how to size it right on your own only to copy. 
I USED to trace in real life images , back when i was a kid. But as i grew up and gained outer opinions on the matter (before i really didn't know because our area isn't art savvy and they are lazy and yata yata and no one would want to explain stuff to me properly, "Too much work" or effort they'd say. ) I highly don't condone it. ESPECIALLY if it's someone else's artwork. The only time i have traced since then , which was only once just recently, was over -My own- Face, that i took a picture of my phone and put on PS , and that's mainly because i wanted to do it that way and get it pretty exact to my actual irl self,just to see how it would look "If i was an anime". I didn't copy or steal from any one, so in the case of that i don't think tracing is a crime which should be shunned. If they took or drew the picture Themselves and what they used / photographed belongs rightfully to them. (like how i would sometimes photograph traditional artwork (all my own art and characters), "trace" it on gimp, just so i could color it digitally :) and fix things i couldn't fix IRL/Traditonal) if that all makes sense i try not to give the wrong idea when saying that ya gotta be really careful it doesnt get misinterpreted cuz some get "Anal" about lmao. and thats the least i need. 
queenofeagles Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, that works as well, of course.

Hmm, that does sound a bit problematic. You would say that zooming in and using smaller brushes would solve the problem. that's odd, I've never heard someone to have that problem ^^;

Some people consider it cheating because you aren't using your own sight to estimate relative distances. Then again, that is not something you do correct automatically, and this can be a first step to gaining that skill. Though I have never seen a pro using a grid, they often can do without (unless they really do want to make an exact copy of an image, but meh, there is not much creativity in there).

I'm glad your opinion changed, tracing doesn't improve skill... I only did it once because I had to do a free commission that wasn't a very interesting thing to draw so I wanted to get rid of it asap ^^; but yeah, your own face sounds hard to get right, but you completely changed the style, so I guess it didn't involve that much actual tracing.
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Professional General Artist
I have made it purchase-able for the use of NonProfit- Free- Persoonal, such as Wallpaper prints background something to store on your wall etc. Buyers are NOT gaining permission of MY oc or rights to use and claim my art work as their own! please respect this it was important to me this piece. Thanks in advance and if need/want anything just commission me CURRENTLY i do not have the non- watermarked version (I don't think) but i will be adding it when possible ,
if any of you have a WM version and would like one without just comment here. I'll get it to how/when i can /am able. Thank you for the patience and sorry for any inconveniences. ~ hatter
- Random stuff etc bla blah. I will not remove CC i am talking about DA watermark READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE
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