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My friend, MOLE DOG ! xD - Closed Species Sale by WonderlandTrades My friend, MOLE DOG ! xD - Closed Species Sale by WonderlandTrades
C.C to ME alone. Its something i invented once yrs ago and it showed up in one my dreams as  "Mole dogs" They are cute fast and swift.
The tail was not docked they are born like that (Its literally where the bone ends and can only move up or down. Some have slighltly longer)
I failed a bit on the face (Angles smoothness shape) and A LOT on the claws. (So picture regular dog feet but alter them a tad like large mole claws ONLY in the front and a bit smaller (not too much) in the back. This is a CLOSED species!If you desire one please comment send me a note etc we can work something out. I can also accept -some- art trades (though normally wouldnt for purchases) If you are able to feature it on your page and help get our little shop noticed/publicized w/e =] cuz that would be awesome!...Even a little helps. *Such as a close circle of friends followers etc. - Back to what i was saying,The Mole dogs Lol Run very fast its like a pew pew swift they just ninja glaze over the floor. Their sizes vary especially depending on age and lifestyle. But most ,By back not hind legs, come to an average persons knee. But they look smaller and are very agile. Their front claws are perfect for digging like a drill, and they have a keen Sight Hear and Smell. Their hearing responds like a bats and they have a loud "Bark" so to speak, that can work in the same way or just bust your eadrums for self
It is to help them navigate in the undergrounds that they mainly live. Honestly they are more mole than dog,says their handler. Hahaha..
They are not blind nor subdued by sunlight but especially if ones been under all day,they will not see as well and mostly whats dead ahead of them (like a horse with side blinders on its face/reigns) to make up for this they use their keen senses. They are very intune with nature and spirits/energies. So even if one went blind they could sense it making an image in their mind. They also have (heat or xray vision? i forget what its called dont shoot the messanger , when you can see shapes via body warmth or what ever,this also helps them watch for danger and navigate the undergrounds.) with all these good things they do have downsides.  So take CARE of your Mole dog so he can live a long happy healthy life helping you with pretty much anything you need! Except cleaning your room. Mole dogs will not clean for you.... 
PS: he looks naked and skinless but they have short soft fur and thick muscle and are very Huggable~

Adopt your own Mole Dog!...Don't leave him or her sad at the Coral D: (This is just aesthetic and not anything personal lol) - $10 use as you see fit. Still must credit (You are not buying ownership of mole dog and so are not allowed to give out or sell them to friends etc ,please send them here if one asks about them.) You MAY breed cross-species,as it will not be a full blooded mole dog. They must also credit Us Thanks! Enjoy! ;)

-- I forgot to mention: They have been cross-evoluted from an ancient species for the aid of man. Ones who had to retreat and build cities underground,the mole dog was their largest saviour. Even found them water and food what's edible and what is not. 
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January 11, 2017
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