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My Little Pyscho Toy ~ MR Wolves (O.C DO NOT USE) by WonderlandTrades My Little Pyscho Toy ~ MR Wolves (O.C DO NOT USE) by WonderlandTrades
Once again me and my wife for life. You MAY NOT have our characters they aren't just "o.cs" for fun they are US. So do not take or use in any way shape or form. All art work is mine and hand drawn with a touch mouse on MS paint. The lines are crappier cuz well it's paint and my mouse spazzes hella worse on there, believe me. You know not how long it took me to where i had used to it that i could even do this much on it. I HATE CHAINS Sooooo...
I was going to add more ..."Kinky" horror stuff but eh a lot of work and i guess i won't be what's the silly word "Triggering" anyone xD. (I'm sorry but if you have it that bad you need therapy and while healing stay off from sites)
BTW the Species is not my original creation it's based off Tiger (me) and Grey Wolf (Her) same shapes but US and not just them. So our own version i supposed. This was for FUN. lol. I ship it~...Im still working on her colors...
Her colors are not something i normally work with and contrast my dark ones pretty bad. But i will figure it out eventually if you got tips (Mixing shades etc) that'd be great. Honestly i like drawing better than coloring and thats y..
You may see me posting a ton of line art soon for my friends ONLY to color thus becoming a sort of "Art collab" Youtube: If you have not already and sorry no speed draw for this low on space.....
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February 19, 2017
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