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MsPaint - Oc Free Scribble Base Draconinc READ!! by WonderlandTrades MsPaint - Oc Free Scribble Base Draconinc READ!! by WonderlandTrades
It's sucks, and that's why it's free. - Use as you please but do not resell the line art (I will allow you trace and do a better version that you can give out or resell BUT with CREDITING me /linking back PLEASE thanks)
You can add remove trace color sketch frakendoll heavy reference what ever as you please and use where when how IDC go nuts all i ask you either leave my Watermark/Signature or Credit/Link back to me etc and Absolutely
do NOT claim as (Purely) your own original works thanks,i'd really appreciate that/ more (and better) coming so stay tuned!. - Heads up: I just got a new 3rd party program tool which will hopefully help me get better lines.
If you see a sudden drastic don't freak out (or accuse of me of anything) cuz this is why. Please be reminded i do not set to one style and my art "Draws itself" i have a problem with repeating things exactly the same, i can't.
My art and style etc will be EVER CHANGINg and that's ok it's just how i am and i know that's rare and different but it is truth. You may see me get better you may see me get worse, i am using a built in laptop glitchy touch pad mouse and do not have the luxuries of a tablet i hope this new program shown to me by - :icon __ : will be of service and give me better/smoother lines! super stoaked for this guys i can't wait to bring you what you deserve.
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March 11, 2017
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