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Monster in the Mirror - Echo - Song Artwork (Vent by WonderlandTrades Monster in the Mirror - Echo - Song Artwork (Vent by WonderlandTrades
You know those things where people draw somegthing based off a song and how they relate to it yeah that's what this is no emo shit so deal.
if anything its horror and so much more...I wont bother to explain ill let u leave your minds run wild or laugh at how shitty it is lol
I wasnt in the mood for anything but i let this happen for an upload today cuz i needed something and wanted to upload here! Hah...
Program: MS paint -- Old Version. 
Tool: Touch Pad Mouse. 
Time: Uhh...I did this rather quick but i had to fix some issues i'd say under an hr maybe?.
For use of any form?: ABSOLUTELY NOT this guy is a part of me so yeh...... Plus its crap just please. dont lolol....i can give free bases commissions or what ever if you need even if u just want to show a RP chara or something Wink/Razz Thanks! Go to profile for Point Buying!...
Song: I'll get it soon....
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Submitted on
January 10, 2017
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