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MS doodle - Link Dump (Read Description!) CC. O.C by WonderlandTrades MS doodle - Link Dump (Read Description!) CC. O.C by WonderlandTrades
Link dumps - Read Please before attacking etc etc. I do this once and awhile to help get stuff out there for fun pleasure because i can and on on. Art = Creation. / This O.C and Artwork is MINE and you may NOT use anyway !!! ok.
-- Sorry about the cruddy picture i am using MS Paint AND a glitchy track pad touch built in cheap laptop mouse NOT a tablet, i did actually put some effort into this one. The lines started out white on black and i "color replaced" over it with fitting ones coresponding to the colors on the body so example red hair? darker red lines. I hope to do more of this its just a pain, but it looks cool doesn't it! haha. Maybe i can get this going on PS
1: New GINGA AMV solo / Copyright Disclaimer - Gera Gera Po - Support Makers of Yokai Watch and it (was) available on Netflix etc ENJOY.
2: Collab HELLSING - with Newlife5586 / Twin - @ :icongirlgamer27: 
3: One more Night (Gay) made by an old friend. - As stated in the bottom of the DESCRIP/ I will be going on a 1 week trip. I will be very busy during that time so expect less for 1 week. BBS~ M.H
4: Romie's Really Epic Artworks! @ - Will link when i find it -  Watch/Subscribe/Stay tuned for more Commissions ALWAYS open, Mini Freebies(Requests) and Art Trades open for a limited time! ;D

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March 14, 2017
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