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Kivikiru (Adult) Adopts - Read Description by WonderlandTrades Kivikiru (Adult) Adopts - Read Description by WonderlandTrades
UPDATE 2016 - Subject to change - Scrapped from the Old This Species goes WAY back since childhood man. OLD description Alert >>>>.
-------To purchase: Comment & or Send Note,"Buy" the download on the right,and i will make you one,or a line art and you can make your own.
You MAY NOT use or fanart your own without permission this is a CLOSED species as the Kenvake,but open species will be coming thanks!
(Read below for more details) 
:Also do not steal my Name KIVIKIRU. I Made that up  (Kiru is a Jap name But KIVIkiru is my own.)
>> it may not look it but The Kivikiru have 3 fluffy tails 
A kivikiru (key-vee-k-ear-ooh) A "beast/montser" i created (though rather monster or beast id call it a spiritual being)
~Would u like to have one of your very own? 
 you can adopt one!
But Not free. REASON- I will use the same lineart (i can do this one ^ adult or a baby for you-will post later)-(done by meh ) And will make A *KK* of your choice                            ^ probably have to scrap that and start from scratch ;) 
(send me message or note all the details you want and will create your kivi but you wont get till you pay.)
it can be ANYTHING. any color element etc. I can also add 
"Trinkets" (will NOT cost extra ^^)
COST- 10pts (that shouldnt be too much?)
DO NOT COPY MY CREATURE OR STEAL DO NOT MAKE ONE WITHOUT PAYING ME. I worked hard on this and the design. respect me i respect you 

------2016 > Prices are subject to change depending on what you want.
Just a simple character purchase base and or design - 20 pts.
Simple headshot no color (Line art) - 5 pts
Headshot with color - 10 pts (+5 for shading lighting BG etc)
Full Body - Simple - Line art / or lightly colored - 12 pts (considering it takes time and work to draw and 100 is only 1$ i think that's fair)
Full Body - Fancey colored shaded bg etc/anything - 24 - 40 ~Pts depending. (More specific fancier detailed etc = More $$$)
Art trades are not Accepted in this case, Pm/note me if you would like a traditional/mailing / real world money etc system. We'll work together and figure something out (this way is the only perfect way i have so far)
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November 16, 2016
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