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Kivark - Adopts - Points or Trade by WonderlandTrades Kivark - Adopts - Points or Trade by WonderlandTrades
To purchase: "Buy" the print (with points,or PM/Note me for ways we can do it with real money) Comment what you want and let me know you purchased one,And i will make you a custom one,or give you an extra "free' base to design your own. I will not be able to give refunds.
If you choose to do away with your kirvark,by all means feel free to sell pawn off or give him away but please credit me and reffer back thanks!
OLD / Original Descritpion ALERT!!!.. -Rules design etc are subject to change due to present tense (future self)
NO STEALING! DO NOT take one WITHOUT PERMISSION!. u are NOT allowed to have one without PAYMENT. or proper ART TRADING(if i agree to it). Got it? Get it? Good. Moving on now.. - PS That includes FAN ART like yall do with night furries etc. The Kirvark race is MINE. Officially ty!
EDIT: This is all i have for now, may update /touch up etc in future.
*going to add onto title later for name of species...*
INFO>: Something i Randomly drew on MSpaint in around 4 seconds..i fell in love with and started cloning it then decided to take it further and try selling it as adopts >:) (Smile) enjoy. Need questions ask me.
  If u can not read the Bios: A slender yet muscular build,They are quick and sharp. Highly intelligent and always fooling their prey,gaining the upperhand in life. Jaws are sharp and powerful ,They make a high picthed screech/sonic noise as a battle cry.When you hear one make small cute yelp/whimpering grunting noises this is a loving thing,usually mate calls and other social interactions. They live in large packs starting from a number of about 6-12. Some may break off and be loners or stay in a Trio. These trios are rarely weak and defenceless. Once they have a
worthy chosen master or tamer they are supremley loyal and protective to them. Doing their every bidding no matter the cost or circumstances. They are territorial and do not take kindly to strangers on their turf. Even if same species. There are Different reginal hybrids of this speicies.--NORE INFO LATER
2016 Update: The Kirvark is the First-Second hand cousin to the "Kivikiru " Race (More on that later)
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November 16, 2016
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