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Ginga O.C (Read) FanArt - MS Paint Doolder by WonderlandTrades Ginga O.C (Read) FanArt - MS Paint Doolder by WonderlandTrades
NOTE: if you buy the download to the right (100 pts or 1.00 USD) it's got some random alternate versions 2 line arts (with and without "Scarf") And gives you permission to use it (NOT take claim for my art work or OC that is mine.) If Purchased ; You may freely feature my OC in Artworks manga (fan comics what ever) AMVs what ever you want, so long as you credit me. Thanks , if you can't afford we can do a trade or something just comment.)
Original (MS Paint) and "Minor touch up" (PS edit) its not a huge difference but the lines are slightly softer and i added a texture which makes it seem as if i did it on water color paper (it's hard to see it was easier in PS ..x.x' lol fff)
It looked better/more noticable in program much like all my edits (weird maybe my weird stigma or something) Enjoy and this is meerly for fun and yes i am aware i am incosistent but hey arts about taking "Risks" being unqiue creative different trying new things , you are ALLOWED to expand and grow even if you are "good enough" don't ever feel like you have to LIMIT yourself because someone complains about your "Style" not being consistent. ;)
(( The 
the eye is most noticible one looks like pixel art and one looks :painted: (digitally like with a brush tool) or terribly inked lmao)))
Do NOT use in any way shape or form unless in Ginga Related stuff and you MUST link back to me / credit etc. Please that's all i ask, for letting you even do this. Thanks, and if you need/want anything just ask we are ALWAYS willing to Work Things Out, no matter what (even if you are broke/"Can't art" etc.! So don't be afraid *raises hat* Take a gamble and dive in ;D ~ Hatter
Copyright Disclaimer - The "Fandom" / series /idea/chain of ginga is NOT mine all art and OCs included in this image is STRICTLY mine and was done FREE HAND via an acer predator gaming laptop TOUCH PAD MOUSE not a tablet or external etc. (Very hard to keep it still which is why i tried "Fixing " the lines) In MS paint for FUN. 
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Submitted on
June 9, 2017
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