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Free FOX - Base - Read - Credit Plz! MS paint by WonderlandTrades Free FOX - Base - Read - Credit Plz! MS paint by WonderlandTrades
Free Base - MS paint fox -- Done in a short time on ever failing Acer Predator built in Touch/Track Pad (mouse) , Mostly Free Hand. No Trace/Base/Lineart/References tutorials etc used. Please Enjoy as you see fit be it; Bases/Sell - Frakendoll -  Adopts - Personal works - Promotion/Advertisement You name it! Idc if you make money off it SO LONG as you MUST credit me / link back / share please / keep the watermark (you may alter and size it down to fit more "neatly" in the example (case/scenerio) of going for a fancier work. This includes if you Reference Trace base re construct (frankendoll) copy etc. We have respect for you and you would want the same so please, do hope you can be a mature good citizen ;) . Originally done for my friend Star-Hope-Shine but it was already confirmed she doesn't mind me making this a free base for everyone, the more the merrier we love to help out.
Downloads given to the right! ---- > yeah over there. if you would like some other file format or a "PS/GIMP/Alpaca etc  version , just let me know (alpaca and sai coming soon!) I'm always willing to help out and work things through with you, so just ask, even if you are broke! / Can't art etc.
Her Version Here!:…
(Would love to see what you do with it but not required.)

Any Suggestions? LET US KNOW in the comments Below! Thank You , All your undying support and informations are really valued and honestly do help us go a long way, even the slightest of things, so don't shy away!~ Hatter

More Here:  coming soon..
EternalUniverse1 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017
Lovely line work.
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thanks mate! really appreciate it. 
I'm aware it's a bit weird and the butt n such could use work
but for the short time frame, laggy touch mouse , and paint n such, not bad for me.

Going to be putting up some "Serious" ones using PS and Gimp once i'm able. You're free to use any and all of them as you see fit (anyone viewing this i mean)

And LOVE Your arts ;D Have a great day.
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August 7, 2017
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