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Floof silleh dogge - MS paint doodle. DO NOT STEAL by WonderlandTrades Floof silleh dogge - MS paint doodle. DO NOT STEAL by WonderlandTrades
REMINDER: i did this SUPER fast (almost 10 seconds only or so) on MS paint. strange i could do this that fast over a silly spoof , Seen here: - coming soon! - lmao. The places my creativity goes to and is wasted on..RIP </3.
Hahhaha..Oh well in hell my friends!~ You don't like well nuff said. Meanwhile, i am working on Mep parts , Art trades and everything else and i will be "Cleaning up" my gallery as to have it more professional easier finding,
not cluttered and only my BEST/Favorite works or a variety to show case the different stuff you can find in my gallery ((Be it my top/s or not)), There will be multiple digitals according to , Style program quickies or sketches vs full on hours of work "master pieces (For me what i can do anyways not comparing myself to higher MUCH better artists lol...hope you don't either and "bitch"). I also don't like how i just threw my paints and doodles with my full on hard hours of actual "work". It just does not feel right. Adding tags and everything later,stay tuned! durp~ AlphaTenguA (A.T/ Or Mad Hatter) WonderlandTrades (Wondy/W.T/TMWL) Please respect all that i stated and do NOT steal this.

If you need/want something hit me up be it note skype youtube what ever im sure we can work something out i care about you all , viewers or not, so long as you're good hardworking people and not trolly little thieves *hrmph*

UPDATE - Practically free line art you can color customize trace over (WITH CREDITING ME) frakendoll use for bases/auction ocs etc (Again CREDIT me or link back etc.) Buying the Non-WM Base/line art does NOT mean you now
have rights to do as you please and claim as your and well basically go against DA terms of service as well as ours/everything stated above. Thanks , hope you can all be respectful and mature,what ever you are's. Heheh...
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March 4, 2017
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