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Fear Dragoon - Sell 1 - Line Art Base (READ)LOCKED by WonderlandTrades Fear Dragoon - Sell 1 - Line Art Base (READ)LOCKED by WonderlandTrades
Update2: I have decided against letting others buy from this and use it. It was mad for star dust alone and honestly i don't know what i was doing sorry, As well i will do a much cleaner version in the near future for you guys. 
-------You can still go to the original page in the link below and purchase one but you may NOT use these lines drawn for Stardust here. Thanks in advance. Ciao for now folks!~
UPDATE: According to new terms, this base MAY be available for new buyers as BASIC REFERENCE. meaning i hope you add/remove alter/customize and not make to a T clones everywhere. BUYERS ONLY! Closed Adopts see more here:…
For the Purchaser: I have the original .xcf file so if you have photoshop or gimp / that can open it,lemme know in PM or note i'll send the file.
It has layers etc for easier modifications color and shading. This is both a reference base and purchasing rights to own one (It's like adopting a dog at the pound or shelter/humane society or pet store if you are confused. (Look up closed adopts/adoptables). Thanks enjoy!
----Old/Original description.
NOT for ANYONE Else to use just the buyer: Stardust-Dragoness  stardust-dragoness.deviantart.…
Thanks for your purchase hope you enjoy my mouse was being a twat!~ Next one coming soon.
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YuuraiStardust Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016
Is this the same file you sent me in the note? Cause i couldn't open it at all.

And by the way... why the hell do you put tags like pewdiepie and these 100 others that dont fit at all?
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Professional General Artist
Couldn't open the actual file or couldn't download it?
If the later is there some other means you use i could send it
Skype email etc.

Uh..Tags? I just did a bunch that relate to things i will be doing (some is game stuff some is art stuff etc etc.) I copy and pasted them cus repeating stuff gets exausting and pointless. Some things do relate such as dragon digitial/traditional artwork buy sell trad (which is what we /plan/ do here.)
I'm used to YT .and had /NO/ idea people could (somehow) see the tags you created. So i didn't think it mattered.
(How the hell do you see those?)
So yeah sorry. But really what i tag in my stuff should not matter to anyone but me,as it only is a worry for me. Considering things.

So i still don't know why it matters,and very off subject,haha back to your download. Please tell me what's going on and how i can help :) I can put it on da as a free download if you'd like but i figured you wouldn't like random people downloading what YOU bought.
Please remember im new to this DA and still working my way around things,so apologies in advance if i am ..well Noob dumb. Lol.
YuuraiStardust Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016
oh okay, i see ^^ i was just wondering.

i downloaded this picture here, that's all i need for now. thanks :D
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Professional General Artist
That's okay lol
You sure?.. I feel really bad.
If you ever want the others im not deleting them so yeah xD
Just message me anytime if you need them/a better one.
Maybe i could make a download package available till u get it then remove after.
YuuraiStardust Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016
alright, thanks ^^  dont worry, i only needed the outlines for now ^^ i'm not even sure if i will use them, because i'm starting get better at drawing and maayyyybe i can draw them in my own style soon :3 

but thanks for the effort!
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Professional General Artist
No problem and thanks sure i would love to see what you do with it. tweak etc. 
Can't wait and goodluck i hope you have fun.
YuuraiStardust Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016
thank you ~
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