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Exotic ReiKyuu # 1 - OPEN! (READ) Auction/Bid by WonderlandTrades Exotic ReiKyuu # 1 - OPEN! (READ) Auction/Bid by WonderlandTrades
Species(CLOSED!) > Auction > Exotic (Fancier+Higher $, able to be slightly modified , colors can be relatively fancy but not too far out./ ,ok?Purchase an Ultimate / Sparkle for More crazyness glitter etc.)
-- -- Partially , Sheep , Owl *mostly snowy/white*,Fox(?)sometime canine or feline like...IDK... i was mostly thinking floofy rabbity owl fox thingy~ LIKE BLUPEE but all...XD #BOW zelda references.
It is intended to either have plush fur in casing around the face or The snowy owl like feather-fluff/Fur? Like a giant snowy owl,but i am TERRIBLE at drawing either of these. so that is why. My original design started as owl face,
But i feared it would be too close to be able to be copied/stolen ( i was right others have done this...ick!) And so i thought of a mask like face, but , i don't know, since that's started to be come popular too. And i'm well behind the times i didn't want to be accused of theft or copying i struggle to be unique and different and bring something fresh to the table. I take pride in my differences, (you should too!) I do not conform to merely one way. It's how i am. Like all fore fathers...heh

Included will be this Image as PNG (unless you ask for another one.) And the PSD raw for further editing ref trace etc. - MUST credit me in some way shape or form. you can NOT breed/give out my species please don't. But you CAN resell this one and link back to me. If you decide you should no longer need or want or can care for *use* it anymore. (but we do not do returns lol, that should be common sense) It's your money so resell is like money back.
You must sell it for Same or less than you payed for , if you are caught purchasing and selling for more you will be Warned, and banned from future dealings...(sorry to say i would hate to do this just don't ok). In special cases, you may charge extra not for solely the character but a well modified form of this image or your own artwork of it. You MAY create artworks of said character and make what ever profit you choose from them (without selling the species or character. ) Sorry i had to add wm but i did not want theft/lazies etc. On ward past the rules and info (HERE: -… -   for info on this new/ish species.) Auction below check it out.

1. Please MUST credit me for the design /etc.
2. Do not claim the species as your own / and do NOT go off and make a copy / base of it plz. If you are inspired by it but clearly am making something else entirely. lemme know. (You wouldn't like it if this were you!,its violating!)
3. You are welcome to Trade/Resell (ONLY the one you purchased) but only resell at purchase price,or lower., nothing higher!
4. You must pay either Instantly (on bid win) or within 48~ hrs, less i re open it! (Sorry) , Note: if you give me a valid excuse/reason why you're unable to pay i will try and hold it for you. if it drags out it will be re opened.
5. You are welcome to add accessories,add ons, slightly alter colors , do little markings here and there, so long as they apply within the "Species Rules See here: Coming soon "
6: Those caught disregarding these factors will be banned and you will have a bad rep,,,so just ...DONT ok? Thanks ~ :) hatter

--- NOTE: after first bid , it will run for 4-5 days before closing. So get in while you can! do not SPAM bids. But you MAY bid multiple times (as if on ebay etc.)

Name: N/A , Calling them all SKOOFs lol *YOU DECIDE ;D 

G: Male or Female * YOU DECIDE 

Age: Young Adult (about 1-2 yr dog yrs?) > You can adjust this as you see fit.

-- You decide character likes dislikes etc. (Fair for these prices eh?)

-- Auction!! --

Buy it now: > 
* 100pts or $1.00 USD (Basic)
* 300pts or $3.00 USD (Exotic) 
* 600pts or $6.00 USD (Mystical ("Sparkle")
* 800pts or $8.00 USD (Divine - Endless possibilities!)

Starting bid (Exotic # 1)  > 20 Pts / 20 c USD (Insanely cheap!) *Try to make chain bids +5 apart (so if previous bid 20 , you bid 25 so forth? If not it's ok.)

Journal:… (More Adopts etc Here so check it our regularly , Thanks ~ Hatter , all works original and belong to us thanks .
vt2000 Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
love your artwork!
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thanks so much! that means a lot. I don't know why DA took this long to load your message for me , sorry i usually respond faster.

If you find anyone interested in such things, commissions adopts requests etc what ever send em my way please? Thanks! and hope to see you around.

I love your artwork too , and i hope i can continue to please and get better :) 
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