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Enter OC ll my Catterbug (READ) CC 2017 by WonderlandTrades Enter OC ll my Catterbug (READ) CC 2017 by WonderlandTrades
First things first "Catter/bug" belongs to me thats my thing. Catter was something had for awhile its like Fusing Hatter + Cheshire/cat. And bug because he's actually small and has dragonfly like wings. Originally he was more fox like shaped but you know me, can't fucking draw what i see. Colors and such are off too. he's supposed to be chibi like short and stocky and floof. But i guess i suck at doing that style of cute cuz im dom af xD JK ..>Enjoy!!
The ONLY person i gave permission is girlgamer27 for her stories etc. No one else under any circumstance is permitted to use this. and don't go off making your own "Catters"/bugs , Get your own ideas and don't steal from them.
If you do decide to draw ideas from this PLEASE credit me link back etc. That's all i can ask, and the least you can do as civilized people. Do not fret, You like something? No need to steal and ruin your reputation/friends! We are ALWAYS willing to work something out , even if you are "broke" or "Can't art" (Examples being helping share us around to a page youtube promotion art trades what ever) just message we don't bite (much ;) unles su let us!~) 
Commissions are always open (even if it seems like  it's not) will be stated otherwise if that's the case. ll He has stripes on his back rump and upper arm too, but forgot to draw them / too lazy etc. May fix it up later...Heh
Art trades etc limited routinely. so get em while its hot! hehe ~ hatter Thanks and come again stay tuned for more! Be sure to watch to stay up to date. Follow us on youtube TheMadWonderland and DailyDungeons 2017

-- Here are sides i did ; / alt versions: coming ..
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June 10, 2017
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