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Empty Walls - Neir and Viper (Vent 2010) by WonderlandTrades Empty Walls - Neir and Viper (Vent 2010) by WonderlandTrades
Old but Gold one of my best (or personal favorites) from the past. Damn i spent Days on this and all was Hand -free drawn on gimp digital no refrences except Neirs mouth being based off an image of darcia from Wolf's Rain anime. But hand drawn by me (looked draw looked style)
It goes to this song:… - Means no tracing what so ever. i rarely used base or skeletons as well. (Those circle things) it's not for sell or re use in ANY WAY !! So be warned! GRR. (haha jk on the grr im nice..till you claim my work as your own) it's too precious to me to sell. But maybe i will make more like this? returning to this style will take time and effort , so ya know.
The ocs are also mine and were part of an on going manga/comic series in my head....(never to be real..~Sigh)
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Professional General Artist
I have made it purchase-able for the use of NonProfit- Free- Persoonal, such as Wallpaper prints background something to store on your wall etc. Buyers are NOT gaining permission of MY oc or rights to use and claim my art work as their own! please respect this it was important to me this piece. Thanks in advance and if need/want anything just commission me CURRENTLY i do not have the non- watermarked version (I don't think) but i will be adding it when possible ,
if any of you have a WM version and would like one without just comment here. I'll get it to how/when i can /am able. Thank you for the patience and sorry for any inconveniences. ~ hatter
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November 25, 2016
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