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Duck1 by WonderlandTrades Duck1 by WonderlandTrades
An attempt joke thing etc for this link: he said draw a duck so i did.
Yes,i actually tried :") ... No i didn't sit down for even an hour or 20 minutes on this i drew as fast as possible. maybe 1 minute or less... No joke. I'm not sure how long but i literally just did it ASAP , using MS paint and a wonky touch pad built in mouse, THAT is why the lines are shaky as hell and i was also all the way zoomed out and i guess didnt have big enough brush/pencil. (zooming in really helps with paint i have actually done pretty good stuff with paint this way. but it takes more time and work,just fyi.) 

I guess you can use this how ever you want or "upscale"/trace it make it better or different what ever just give me some credit link back or something. More coming! I have been having problems with getting my true potential out so i started watching guides tutorials etc for hope and inspiration and guides, as i never got that stuff growing up. even in our art class they didn't really teach us what we needed to know. I was often sick a lot too and around here they just don't care about "ART" of any form including music. My step/adoptive "mother" was semi abusive and refused to let any of us er "Shine" i guess. All because she was bitter and jellous and hated our (adoptive) father spending HIS money on anyone but HER. No one would help when i asked for help they just expected me to know and i was never good at finding things or using correct keywords and would get all turned around and confused.
So i am trying to self learn and get back what i had at one point. I sometimes post old drawings that look a little better than some of mine now that is because 1: I had a different PC with a better track pad that had those built in grips which was GREAT for drawing, as it did not spazz everywhere as much and 2 : i was doing it everyday and didn't have to worry about health money etc. I am 21 and have the whole "Retired 60 yr old parent money money now now shit hanging over my head and not enough time to learn and get out. So before you bitch and attack someone or something,be sure you know all the circumstances that went on their life and don't accuse them of shit.
-- I started  -seriously- drawing around age 4-5. I drew as much as possible (even in math class cuz fuck that confusing shit) and on trips etc. Daily. I wouldn't say i "Stopped" but i turned it more into a hobby and such as i was tired of people always seeing me as that, always dissing me, never helping. never improving and no efforts even noticed. Just everyone else , how great and perfect they were, even ones who were "more beginner" than me. and such,
Along with some shit i got caught up emptional relationship abuse wise that i will NOT go into. but it really fucked me up and made me lose my "Fire". I met a great friend  whom i consider family and twin and so much more, girlgamer27 , around 2014 and really picked up late 2015,when i decided something needed to be done and looking back on what i used to do.. She is great at art and crazy about it and writing and roleplay etc. They really started bringing back the fire and i don't think i could have done it without them. after that more and more stuff came that inspired and pulled me back into it. So here i am, trying to get back what i once had. It's hell and i sometimes feel like i can't mostly due to age and lost time but also having lost part of myself and emotion/ aka "Fire". But i have come a long way in a few months from that, so wish me luck and i appreciate all support paitence and understanding!
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May 2, 2017
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