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Dragon P.O.C - Mellow Melodies~ by WonderlandTrades Dragon P.O.C - Mellow Melodies~ by WonderlandTrades
Drew this pretty much free hand. Honestly,the plan was to try and see if i can do what i did as a kid: Look at a picture of a dragon (In this case Saphira) and "Redraw/create" it to a T or almost close. Instead?....
I ended up doing my oc and slightly different pose and everything. But i think you can tell it was referenced. I have the speed up rendering and uploading soon and will link it, it shows from start to finish & how i looked not trace.~

Link - ; Coming My Dearies. - Please be paitent.

Thanks once again... I guess i'm a bit down.`Dunno, Not because of anything one said nor did so hold your horses kiddos. I just feel dead/empty and i'm getting worse in health. I don't have get very far in Art and Editing,either, I'm not comparing or racing myself,but ya know when everyone grows up and finds their place with out you it's just lonely and a bit downing. When you have more faith and hopes for yourself when you know meant for more but not knowing WTF is wrong and what is causing you to fail, as you try so hard repeatedly and never seem to get better, in anything. You don't "Human" and "Grasp" things like people do. You're more mindless beast, working on auto pilot, than Man.

- done on PS and added the squigglies and text in MS paint. First time (In a while) doing a mix. Hah expect more....

You may NOT use me (YES this is a dragon form of me one of my many "Personas") therefore i would NOT appreciate use. Unless in AMVs or something but PLEASE credit me and all. Comment/PM and we can work something out!~
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February 18, 2017
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