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Draconic Lovers - Contest - Old Digital Artwork by WonderlandTrades Draconic Lovers - Contest - Old Digital Artwork by WonderlandTrades
UPDATE: i forgot to mention that the blue and black one is NOT mine nor may you use. it was my friends and as soon as i find them i will link back. How could i forget that? Im pretty sure it was theirs anyways.
Then the black and red is MINE. Believe. I'm pretty positive of this but like i said this is OLD AF and my memory isn't the best. *facepalms* probably why i forgot to state that (Mentally i knew but forgot to put it xD cyz yeah)
Another oldie for a contest (didnt win or anything lol) I am aware of mistakes and this old no reference used,though i did think spyro x cynder.
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Professional General Artist
I have made it purchase-able for the use of NonProfit- Free- Persoonal, such as Wallpaper prints background something to store on your wall etc. Buyers are NOT gaining permission of MY oc or rights to use and claim my art work as their own! please respect this it was important to me this piece. Thanks in advance and if need/want anything just commission me CURRENTLY i do not have the non- watermarked version (I don't think) but i will be adding it when possible ,
if any of you have a WM version and would like one without just comment here. I'll get it to how/when i can /am able. Thank you for the patience and sorry for any inconveniences. ~ hatter
(i'm just copying andpasting this idk what imdoing/saying but future refrence and shit) bla haha enjoy
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January 4, 2017
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