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Dingdong 1014 - MS Paint Creature Doodle (read) by WonderlandTrades Dingdong 1014 - MS Paint Creature Doodle (read) by WonderlandTrades
This was the results of letting my art/hands/arms etc do what they wanted. Then fixing it up a little. All ran off "Instinct" or "Feelings" free flow hand drawn no refs tracing skellies or anything! Thanks. Complete Randomness lol.
Not bad, eh? - You can get the free base here:… Credit Share ENJOY! <3
NOTE: Things aren't going so well. Rather not get into it but hope you all can understand, these weird "Butterfly Effect" chain of events happen to us all , sooner ..or later. Guess it's finally happening to me...tch. ~Cya soon!
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017  Professional General Artist
Read description thanks for viewing come again. All art belongs to wonderland trades. Enjoy! We hope you stay tuned for more.~ Hatter

-- Commissions -- 

Always open! just come ask and talk to us even if u are broke or 'can't art" we love to work together to make all parties happy. 

Questions are encouraged so don't be afraid we can't stress safety and comfort enough.

-- Art Trades - -
Routinely always open you just gotta ask and talk to us about but don't harass. 

--- Requests/Freebies? ---

yes but not entirely. if you we are giving you "Free" art least you can do for us is help put us out there and such. Any little thing is enough and goes a long way. what ever you can come up with.
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August 16, 2017
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