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D.A - Art Challenge/Contest - Finish it! (Read) LA by WonderlandTrades D.A - Art Challenge/Contest - Finish it! (Read) LA by WonderlandTrades
LA= Line art. It's a work in progress. Honestly? i'm not very creative... and i have not improved a LOT since i got BACK INTO it. But in the past i improved a lot from working with friends and people on DA being inspired taking tips etc. Meanwhile , now. (only been truly back into it recently around late 2016 - now) - Don't it's not i don/t love art or gave up,it's logical reasons. Yes the lines are crap atm as i used an-ever-getting-worse- Acer(laptop) built in mouse (Touch/Track pad) and was zoomed all the way out (so could see where i was going, zoomed in is weird for me but produces better likes like the watercave A.T) Will probably fix up and color it later and submit that. - ITS SHIT I KNOW LEAVE ME ALONE XD i made to laugh at hahaha. *points and laughs* - More art work and such coming soon so stay watched/tuned! ~ Love y`all. 
* This is just n incase - Template CC to da/who ever drew it, rest CC me. No tracing references etc. Free hand - drawn by WonderlandTrades - People are not my strong point gag, normally don't do this stuff but hey that's what it looked like so ..wasn't gonna try to hard to be "Superb awesome creative look at him oh wow" I'll never be that/ leave that to people full of life.. xD but i do try and work hard. - If you want anything let us know! Please don't steal we're always willing to work something out NO MATTER WHAT! so don't be shy or judgey just ask us! we can work / hassle-haggle-compromise on prices and such as well! ;) ~ Hatter 2017.
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August 5, 2017
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