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Cheshire - Traditional (Fan Art) 2017 ll Free Hand by WonderlandTrades Cheshire - Traditional (Fan Art) 2017 ll Free Hand by WonderlandTrades

So the scanner made it "weird" (compared to how it actually looks in real life) but here you guys go. Stay strong.... (READ BELOW before assumptions questions etc) Thanks / DO NOT STEAL USE ABUSE RP ETC Etc. 

- Cheshire of Anime " Pandora Hearts "  - Now before we start if you have been watching from the start (if not go back and check) I haven't drawn in awhile and am slowly easy back into it. I am going to suck and be infrequent!

* Dedicated Information*
-- Traditional / Pen/cil & Paper - USA Gold 2hb (from walmart) 
-- Time : Uh, Under an 1hr or so.~ roughly.
-- Scanned with HP 2 n 1 printer. PDF color
-- Completely free hand / Reference (looked at picture on my computer while drawing from "memory" and "key mapping") All artwork is my original and belongs to me, Pandora Hearts / Cheshire (The character/anime) does NOT belong to me and i no way take credit for , this is strictly transformative free non profit fan art, no way meant to copy steal claim infringe etc. 
-- Personally i don't do a lot of "Fan art" because it's still someone else's ideas and character, and if you start making money of that, That's pretty much illegal and theft. The art may originally be yours but not the idea/character. I will NOT be paid to do fan art for this reason. (Would YOU want someone making bucks off YOUR brand/works? No you would RAISE hell especially you uptight "PUT A BEWARE OMG :U " DA users/artists., Don't even try to say otherwise. If it is your OWN original non - recolor / copy oc. I will GLADY do a paid comission for it. I WILL do LIMITED art trades for "Fan art" though~. Or if you help share us around and get us out there/bring people in etc things like that, but NOT $$$. or points. so do not send me this and go FAN ART PLZ :U i'll return it. I refuse to profit off something that belongs to others.

(without permission , of course.) - HATTER

-- Meerly to help me get a feel and idea of cheshire and his Proportions and such, where everything goes and what not. Otherwise this is completely free hand. No did NOT hold my paper to screen or print it's images or anything like that. That would teach me NOTHING and would NEVER make me better and i WANT to get better. Plus i care highly for my pc and tracing off the screen would fuck it up... (I know people do that so that's why i stated it and i know some assholes might accuse it and shit, not like it's been the first time. Lol) I have always been good at "natural artist" all artists started by looking at say a bird in real life and mapping it out and such while others followed staring at the works of the first artists and trying to recreate it on their own. Tracing and other things is something that was developed later on. 

I have included the references i LOOKED at (NOT trace etc.)
-- as well as watching " New Vid Servants" Amvs.~ hehe.. // Please do not: Trace, RP, Use / Re use / Fraken doll / Claim as your own / Copy / HARD reference (light is okay!) etc etc. If you wan't something from us let us know.
We are always willing to work something out. Hope you enjoy and i look forward to your continued support. Have a good week - WonderlandTrades @ DA.Com 

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May 23, 2017
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