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Character final (O.C Do Not Steal + Read) MAD HATT by WonderlandTrades Character final (O.C Do Not Steal + Read) MAD HATT by WonderlandTrades
NOTE: Me/Mine Persona ; please do not use this IS ME and nobody can be me. If you would like something just contact me ! we're always willing to work things out even if you are broke can't art etc. So just stop by! lol

Made this on MSpaint with a spazzy acer touch pad built in mouse quickly for a thing on Facebook with this message > ** You do credit for character/owner right? lol ,don't want anyone ELSE using or drawing him since he tech "is me" which is different to me than a regular o.c/persona. ) This isn't the best since i drew it up pretty quick (need to get on that ) but i have other works of him in alternate forms here;…(This art originally belongs to me/wonderlandtrades da and TMadWonderlandfa please do not steal and if you see thievery report it and confirm who O.A is plz thanks (really protective lol) - paws are wolf-like and same color underneath them as ear and under eye color. ( a pale pinkish/purple/grey) and it's just grey on the bottom of the paws (Got cut off and was lazy) jaw is a dark /grey/red and tongue a pale pink/grey/purple red or toxic green (Your choice,i usually go with purk)**

COMMISSIONS always open - Check out our main page for more info and note us about any concerns questions etc. Thanks! ~Hatter 
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July 16, 2017
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