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Cat-Puss (MS Paint Doodler - practice / Read!) by WonderlandTrades Cat-Puss (MS Paint Doodler - practice / Read!) by WonderlandTrades
Yes its another shitty ms pain ok deal. Donut judge me. It was done a while ago (line art), for shits/giggles/n and "mini" practice. (half serious,was upsets) - Finished some colors today and cleaned up some lines.
You can get a free base here:… (download to the right if you need it) Enjoy! ~ Meow. - Hatter 2017
PS been hella busy / Ill lately (deathly so almost) 
TAGS ARE RANDOM don't bother me about them,please thanks, i have my reasons and don't have to justify myself.

In the (NON PROFIT/Fanbased) Editing field ;
I know i am super delayed on "777 Contest Prizes" my health and my networks have NOT been co-operating me. Yes "but you are still editing! so why?" The clips used in my current edits is what i already have to work with, the clips required for the 777 contest are NOT in my que and actually am somehow full on space to boot. Downloading them is the issue, uploading and editing is fine. Some movies might require me to purchase them due to struggles of the internet and crappy Country - No zone - Verizon Wireless, Thanks! Punish me for not living in a city hah. But promise to get on that once this all clears up, and will work EXTRA hard in repayment for making you wait for what you highly deserve, even if it's probably a lesser gift compared to the others (In demand wise). Remember ART=CREATION - Just keep doing you, and take in knowledges around you, you'll find the right path.
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August 4, 2017
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