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Birb reward (lol read my art sucks PS doodler) Don by WonderlandTrades Birb reward (lol read my art sucks PS doodler) Don by WonderlandTrades
Donation reward (and for giving such a warm welcome) for a very kind person. Thank you!  (Wth happened to the moon owell its a magic moon deal HAH)
As stated all donaters get a prize if you want it or not >xD bwahhahaha ~ Hatter.
Watch Now! @ mockingbirdontree.deviantart.c… They're awesome unique and creative! 
NOT to be used in anyway if you MUST ask me. If you seek something of your own hit me up im sure we can work something out
Art trades - OPEN but limited 
Commissions: OPEN!  
Youtube: @ AlphaTengua and TheMADWonderland (No speed of this sorry) More coming im working hard on some other art trades and collabs with some friends so stay tuned. Firewolf i am currently working on yours ;D 
Just needed a break since i'm doing my best to make it epic for you since you are giving me not one but TWO characters so i feel it only fair , right?~ Everything is hand drawn using a touch pad mouse built into my ACER laptop.
It's a bit glitchy and i been shaky and am still easing my way back into art cuz (If you were paying attention from the start) i took a huge break and lost a lot of faith and interest for it. But still did traditional here and there i just did not share it. I have found a couple few old/er speed paints on my YT's actually if you would like to check them out i made a playlist so they can not get lost again and actually be seen, but thats the past and i didn't know what i was doing with some stuff and had shitty hypercam and crap as well , so they won't be best quality and a lot are paint as thats quick and easy and i dont have to worry about pleasing anyone when i do those. I have many recorded gimp and photoshop ones but they have not been rendered or put into videos and burried through the years within piles of piles of old files on multiple ext HDD and i just dont feel like nor have the time to go searching for them, i rather make new ones. - PS: birds are one of the HARDEST for me to draw because of their bodies and anotomy its a work in progress and i rarely do them so deal i am aware of any of my mistakes. Thanks i dont need u reminding me!!
I am best at Dragons and 50/50 wolves and kind of Trexs /dinos apparently? as i grew up obsessed with them and my favorite thing to draw was that countless coloring books how tos and everything else that is why they ar ebetter!
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March 8, 2017
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