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Bettas - The Truth Behind the Beauty by WonderlandTrades Bettas - The Truth Behind the Beauty by WonderlandTrades
Bettas. Lovely fish aren't they?
Well, Truth is. They're bred for looks to please us alone. This causes them to have abnormalities and sometimes (not always) bigger fins that cause them such problems they chew themselves in stress.
If they were in the wild in the wide seas and creeks this would not be such a problem but look at what we keep them in. I'm not speaking for all stores and fish owners,just a sterotypical majority.
We're told by supposed experts they are hardy animals that they are just like gold fish and don't need a tank and are able to be kept in bowls and flower vases and other "Neat things" and live a happy healthy life....
WRONG so wrong. They may be small but that means nothing. I'm small and i know i wouldn't be happy starving / less food, and less space i'd go insane. Lay there till death arrived. We think it's okay because they "Aren't kept in there for long!" But that isn't always the case. The favorites get picked and the rest sit on a shelf for months maybe even over a year if it doesn't die first. The waters are rarely changed,They can hardly move,there is little air and no filters so they are living and breathing in their shit and piss till someone decides to "Rescue them" and most just do the same ! I'm not calling out stores and they shouldn't be attacked and i won't tell you the store i took these pics.
Not that i could even remember (Silvaticus don't xD be good.) It's not their fault. They truly are led to believe these things i stated previously. They're just uneducated not horrible people. But that's why people should get educated.
My friend is a beta fish master and i have seen her take ones from beyond the grave and revive them to like new living beyond "Their years" or so people think. They wonder why they die young. and they FREEZE in cold water.
They can not be kept in either or they do not LIKE it they TOLERATE it. Some can adjust and aclimate (SP fail ) but this isn't a healthy life style for these beauties. They are smarter and have more mentality and emotion than led
to believe. I've seen it first hand. I myself have raised a couple, I had a habbit of taking the "Rare" or "Unique" ones not knowing that they weren't actually some new unlocked form. But That's discoloration from literal rot disease and death and it's disgusting to look out now. Sad thing is these betas get marked off as some rare .1 % color and priced doubled. When reality is they're dying. Most of these live only a week to a month if not given the utmost care
After purchase or supposed rescue. Betas are also prone to many hidden illnesses we don't notice till it's too late and then people say oh it was old. Some people forget to Shock the water before putting in new and the tap kills them.

It's just so sad.... and im sick of seeing miserable betas (Im an emapth) just laying there..on the bottom of their bowls. Not even to have any toys or fancy things (such as rocks and hiding spots etc) to keep them entertained.
They're athletes. Putting a beta in a tiny bowl with now warmth nor filteration and space with fun things and hammocks etc is like Chopping off the legs of an Olympic racer and telling him to be happy and adjust. He'll always want to run and now he can't. That's the worst feeling ever and i would know how that feels. Just imaging it horrifies me and i know i wouldn't call that a life worth living if that happened to me. 

And most feed them cheap crappy pellets or something too big i even heard some giving them goldfish food! This isn't always the best idea NOR the ONLY option. They can have blood worms sometimes small crickets etc....

I love betas and I'm glad i have learned, though i do not own one as mine passed due to old age (and possibly picked up on the stress that went down or the cleaning ladies or kids did something..) We had him for over 5-6 yrs though it does not feel that long at all! His name was aquarious like the zodiac. Don't ask why i chose this name it just yelled itself at me. I did not have a true tank for him, as i was fed these lies myself and believed them.
But i eventually was donated an old heater from my dear beta master pal which really meant a lot and he LOVED he stopped hiding under ground. He started following me watching me his color's seemed to glow more, i saw a smile.
He zoomied everywhere ! i thought he was lazy before or old/dying. Especially at feeding time. He started jumping out of his "tank" ( a large tall "bowl of sorts with a bubbler device) and doing crazy things that i swore he was going bonkers and i broke/killed hime 0.0 freakedd me out everytime. Despite doing everything i have always done and been taught over and over and been very particular and careful about. My friend laughed saying no he's just happy.
So , if your beta is way too chill , it's most likely not doing well and needs an upgrade in it's daily care and lifestyle/home. Minus a few rare cases and if they are old. (Around 4 yrs +) I hope i helped clear this up for future masters!

Ps: My friend can probably give you more info than i can SavageShepherd  - You may not use this image in anyway , and before you feel the need to "Call me out",go talk to my friend do EXTENSIVE research.
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blitzwing-fan Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i know.. its sickening what the industry is doing to these fish. to them its just money. who cares if the fish dies fast? poeple will come back to buy more.. its what most poeple are told and what most poeple belive until they start doing research.
at the petstore i heard a mom say "look at these fish? they can be kept in these tiny bowls and be completly fine. no need for filter or anything. but they dont move alot they are boring." the dad in the back dint really seem to belive her.

last friday i bought a betta . im not saying i rescued a fish.. i dint. i picked up a healthy looking male and now he lives in a 5 gallon heated and filtered aquarium. he swims all around the aquarium all day! its crazy how much personality he has. Something that probably wont ever be seen when they are kept in tiny bowls.
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Professional General Artist
Right! exactly my friend even trained one to jump through hoops which is rare. 
they love their people as they hate other fish (naturally agressive)
and right if only that were the case, parents want to keep their kids happy in the easiest way possible.
They are boring because they are bored that way. Poor little athletes and sure u may have bought a healthy one
But in my book you still rescued it , saving it from the clutches of an irresponsible / uneducated owner, and a tiny dirty bowl.
Now he can have LOTS of fun! boy oh boy XD thanks for the view and comments btw I hope u have a good day and great time with le fishers
blitzwing-fan Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He is a great boy! X3 today i managed to make him 'jump for food' i posted a video of it xD

I dont blame the mom either because i too was told betta could live in this kind of situations. The problem is that the knowledge is outdated.

My guy was an expensive betta. I doubt just anyone would pay for one like him. My parents dont want to get me another expensive betta of something happens to him <.<
(He was like 25$)
But in a way that is considered a rescue.

What i consider a rescue is the wild girl betta i have. Found her in a tiny bowl that was half filled with water. She was brown and so stressed she dint swim. (Good thing we are on good terms with that petshop got her for 5$)
Now she lives in a 23 gallon community tank.

I was looking at betta pictures on DA earlier and i was sad to see beautifull bettas in bowls.
But i also saw bettas with their own aquarium.
SavageShepherd Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Student General Artist
I'm glad this PSA is here. :,) 

Betta's are very magnificent pets and I view them as apart of my family. Each with their own personalities and preferences, along with their inelegance and ability to recognize faces, items and commands. It really isn't fair for such an intelligent animal to be kept in a container for days/weeks on end with no water changes, heavy and poisonous ammonia build up and no room to move around. It would be like putting a dog in the smallest sized kennel possible and feeding it (maybe) once a day while never cleaning up after it and expecting him to remain completely healthy and happy.
WonderlandTrades Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Professional General Artist
Right same i LOVE your profile pic btw haha.
And yeah i know you do i do too after owning mine i was sad when i lost him. 
No little turd flaring at me to say hello and demanding food lol but i still have my dog
and gave him a better life then most could ever dream of. Though i was about to get him new rocks and plants T_T
I whole heartedly agree thanks for the views and comments i love them
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