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Bear (MS PAINT Doodler) FREE BASE credit / read by WonderlandTrades Bear (MS PAINT Doodler) FREE BASE credit / read by WonderlandTrades
STOP! > You MUST Credit me no matter how much you change it or what you use it for. You are allowed to do what ever you want with it, minus claiming as your own including frakendoll (you can frakendoll with crediting me) Taking it free then saying its yours and or selling it/trading it off. That aside use for adopts logos videos have at it. you can even "trace " it and make it better! idc so long as you respect the rules. Download to the right (W/o WM + Extra Line that isnt colored in) / Sorry if it seems wolfish/wolflike , i am better and more attuned to them and it is a HABIT IM TRYING TO BREAK i am aware of things i need to work on just not HOW (I can see what needs to be done but not easily pull it off pleh haha) All OC and Artwork belongs to me no ref used or trace etc  (i dont do that unless otherwise given permissions/asked to , or its my OWN works!) just off my head. mostly free drawn on ms paint with a glitchy touch pad mouse , off the top my head, some skellies for head and size were used. (I will make a video sometime showing/exposing this method someone taught it to me a long time ago for paint when it was all i had.)
-- Started this for my friend never got around to figuring out colors, while i was doing it i decided to save a copy and leave it as a FREE base! (How about that,huh?) ,  Please comment what you or people u think ' be interested in. TY
-- Hatter. (Commissions are always open AT etc routinely limted) If you are so interested PLEASE don't steal , it only hurts us both. Commission me!~ If you are "broke" or just don't like paying and or you can't art (to do a trade) there are other ways. Like sharing us to a page, helping spread the word around showing friends, a youtube video promotion or mention , art trades etc. Just message us and we'll work something out we're always happy to meet your needs. - crow

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June 10, 2017
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