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Anime 401 2017 -CC Me Read Description (Mad Hatter by WonderlandTrades Anime 401 2017 -CC Me Read Description (Mad Hatter by WonderlandTrades
-Tags are random copy/paste/in-general,do not complain.
--- Notice: This is ME/MINE, you may not use me or call us your own or anything like that ask if you would like something thanks.
Do note i can't anime for shit so i took a Real life picture of myself made key points then referenced off myself and a random anime picture on google (Look n Draw, NOT trace)  now the horns and everything else were free drawn.
I'm serious... Back off. My hair is actually red in real life, but not quite that long and spikey, i edited that a bit by using a wig, my eyes actually green/hazel mix. (but no red glow pupil that's relating to something else) and that
is the actual jacket i had on, i did forget to color the strings you can't even easily see but what ever. Though the sleeves were longer i decided to make them shorter/rolled up almost. IDK. DO NOT USE IN ANY FORM even RP...!!!

Program: PS/CS6 - Extended (i believe,it has animator)
Time: Idk a few minutes to an hour for the whole thing (ref,picture taking,"Skellie" guide making, drawing coloring touch ups add ons CC etc)
For Use?: Absolutely a big fat devilish HELL FUCKING NO!! bitches. <3 Love you guys but no,you want something you come ask. Would you want your stuff taken "Free" and "Unfairly" No?. Okay thought so....
Tool for Draw: Acer's half assed gaming laptop mouse/track pad. That built in thing that's like 2 cm big and spazzes around all the god damn time. Though it's better than some.... saving for a tablet or something. Keh

Here is a Silver/White haired version:  - coming, im busy multitasking lazy -
And the original (the picture i took was done via webcam as my phones a POS that always dies and never charge) which was very small, so i bumped it up on PS,as well. to 800/800 , that way a decent size but less quality death.

Original (TINY!): - coming-

Youtube: TheMADWonderland & AlphaTengua -- Studios: Leader of HellsingUnderground,Co-Leader of Aniphonic, And a Casual Member of a few....~ Aspiring Artist/Art=Creation. Live Love Die Hard Breath Forget Passion BURN!!!
A: 21 (22 in nov 4th 2017)
G: M/Male (He Him His they us it)
O: ...... gay demonic crimson fucker of darkened doom. I own yoouuu...(JK)
S: Taken...Or Not really.
Persona: Demon/Mad Hatter / Shapeshifter (EVUL) etc
Name: Lucifer ll (Ryo/Ryoushi,Seilem,Evil,Mad,Wondy,Tengu/Tengua,AlphaKai,BusterBustingButts,Psychosis,Paradouxise,ShadowWalker,Twilight/Reimei/Xui/Moon/Soramoro,Blood Thirst,ReisenDredblood,BlakeAnderson). ZANE. ZANAR
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April 7, 2017
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