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Animation: Flip Note (DS Hatena) --OLD / Novice. by WonderlandTrades Animation: Flip Note (DS Hatena) --OLD / Novice. by WonderlandTrades
Hello,So i found my old Flipnotes at last well,some anyways im still looking for the other say,10?.Hah. Please keep in mind these are really old and i was around,12 Ok? I havent been blessed with any special art skills/talent. 
(Yes some will argue that talent comes from practice and hard work but that is not true with the definition of "TalenT" IT's genetics and Enviroment. Even if you do not get around and learn things,as long as you are around that cultture which excells in it or atleast supports it and such in some way, You naturally will respond and grow from it the same as accent and it goes unnoticed like wise. It's how humans learn and evolve: Watching and Acting.)
I wasnt prone to any of this,nor am i the brightest when looking up things,i suck at using proper terms and keywords mostly because i don't know them. I hadn't had any practice really with animation or hardly even tutorials (I watched maybe one quick one that hardly made any sense minus: ADD A BUTT LOAD OF LAYERS AND PUT IT TOGETHER IN WMM / RENDER IT) LOL. Yeah..thats how i USED to animate. Then flipnote came up. I tried it.
Drawing on a tiny ass pixely screen is hard but the lightbox set up some how made it easier with the easy switching of the notes/pages. I wish it would be on 3DS as i have an XL and could do way better. So,in the end for a little 12 yr old brat who's had 0.0 EXP or anything,Not so bad. I do believe i spent unnessicary amounts of time on this fixing many many errors untill i said ok "Good enough" (Bad on my part never "Settle" if you wanna get better.)
Thanks ! more will be coming i warn you they are S** but they are old and meaningful to me and better than nothing haha! Also they are better than i remember so this gives me hope to start trying again, wish me luck!~M.H
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February 14, 2017
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