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Absol/eum / Old Pokemon O.C / Sona - Read -Nocolor by WonderlandTrades Absol/eum / Old Pokemon O.C / Sona - Read -Nocolor by WonderlandTrades
I was too lazy/in a rush to color it but i might later.
I did use a REFERENCE (not trace, obviously it would be way better if was trace, i CAN draw when i try,just not pro/consistent" but hey that's me.)
Pokemon CC: Ninteno - Game Freak - Shopro etc.
O.C and Art Copyrighted All to me.  Here is the ref:… (Notice pretty much everything is different aside from similiar stance) 
That is me, trying to LOOK at Draw LOOK at side by side.  Here is the PS Raw/Set up Please read the description to better understand what is going on here. I had to do this for a PMV/MAP sign up!
Thanks come again and please DO NOT STEAL this guy is ME NOT YOU! If you want something Comission PM Message note me find me on youtube or what ever and let me know we are ALWAYS WILLING to work things out!

MAP HOST VIDEO:… / I am AlphaTengua / TheMADWonderland. And i take no credit what so ever for Pokemon Nintendo ETC / As it is not mine. All rights reserved! Ciao~
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May 12, 2017
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