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A.T - Lumo (Brilliant Wonders) W/ neonspider (READ by WonderlandTrades A.T - Lumo (Brilliant Wonders) W/ neonspider (READ by WonderlandTrades
Neon's:… of my old O.C Shockwave - He can be a wolf or a dog and he was constantly changing in design but somehow they capture what we wanted!~ hah
OLD OLD A.T with my amazing art idol neon spider
More OLD ARTWORKS… Read Descriptions for Explanation - My "style" art or skill, has greatly changed for a variety of reasons, also it never stays the same
 - It's a long story what happened. Used to use gimp on another smaller laptop , drawing ALL The time , which the touch pad/track mouse had GRIPS on it and wasn't so cheaply made. This new one is weak and spazzes all over the place and is super slick and slimey thin. Also now use PS . Sometimes gimp or paint depending, planning to try fire alpaca painttoolsai and other programs as well, you will always have the choice which program you want me to use. So never fear!~ 

You MAY NOT use this is ANY Way , including the character etc. - Without BOTH our permissions. - Trees were done with free personal use Gimp2 Brushes. same with the rest of the background. The aurora was caligraphy brush altered and worked with for a long ass time and smurred down to "Blend In" Idk lol. Enjoy!~ Commissions always open DON"T STEAL ASK US! we are ALWAYS willing to WORK THINGS OUT , regardless of age money level etc. 

Art © WonderlandTrades 
Characters © neonspider
Readeroffate Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018
Love the wings, very pretty :D (Big Grin) 
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July 16, 2017
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