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If you would like to commission me, please comment on this journal only or send me a note!
Also, I would appreciate if this form would be filled out on commission requests-
Type of commission-
Payment Method-
Send an up-to-date reference sheet of the character(s) you would like me to draw
How many characters you would like me to draw (I will draw no more than 3 in one drawing)-
Pose or frame shot-
Pose or expression examples-
Do you need it by a certain time?

Please don't ask if you can request something. I don't do requests unless otherwise advertised. I would like to profit from my work, not give it away for free.


$1= 100
 No commission will be started until payment has been received
 At least 1/2 of the commission payment must be paid before I will start on your commission. This ensures that I will do it and that you will pay. There are no exceptions to this rule. 
 You have 48 hours from the time of requesting a commission to pay for the commission before the spot is forfeited and given to some one else.
 Payment is accepted via the commissions widget and through Paypal (USD currency only)
 All payments are final unless otherwise stated.
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Clean Sketch
Canvas size of the commissioner's choosing
A rough or clean sketch of the setting of the commissioner's choosing
Each character/ item will be sketched in a different colour if the commissioner so chooses, or can be a dark gray for simplicity's sake
.:PC:.- Kigeni Bust by Wonderlandawaitsus
Base pricing: $8 (pricing will vary depending on how many characters are in the piece and if a sketch of the background is included)

Canvas size of the commissioner's choosing
A clean, black lined version of the commissioner's character or setting
Can include a flat gray background
Kovu Portrait by Wonderlandawaitsus

Flat Colour/ Portrait

Shaded (Cell or soft)/ Portrait
Canvas Size: 700x650
A "half-body" rendering of the character of commissioner's choosing with a simple background
Commissioner can choose to have cell or soft shading
Kovu Portrait2 by Wonderlandawaitsus
Pricing: $15

Flat Colour/ Full Body

Flat Colour/ Half Body- "Fully Rendered"
Shaded (Cell or soft)/ Full Body- "Fully Rendered"

Shaded Full Body
A fully rendered version of one character with no background
Can have cell or soft shading
Canvas size of the commissioner's choosing
Irina running commision by Wonderlandawaitsus Let S Play   Video By Tailsandtunes-d7ggizt by Wonderlandawaitsus

Pricing: $15 (depends on complexity of character)

Screenshots + Text (Optional)
Canvas size: 1700x1125 OR 1025x540
A fully rendered piece with simplistic background and 1-2 characters included
Portrait Of Mauli Grown Up by Wonderlandawaitsus  Simba And Nala Screenshot Practice Copy by Wonderlandawaitsus  Simba And Mufasa by Wonderlandawaitsus  New Canvas (6) by Wonderlandawaitsus  New Canvas (7) by Wonderlandawaitsus
Base Pricing: $25

Canvas size (varies): 50x50/ 100x100/ 500x500
A pixelated or simply rendered piece of one character (can be animated)
output sqFgee2 by Wonderlandawaitsus6a1b6f880a371a2b44657f124ef31004 D6yefck By Tailsa by WonderlandawaitsusFawn Animated Icon By Tailsandtunes D6topdw By Ov3 by WonderlandawaitsusIcon For Tremmy By Wonderlandawaitsus D6qj3g9 By O by Wonderlandawaitsus
Base Pricing: $15
+animation: $5-10

Canvas size:
Scotty Simple Bg by Wonderlandawaitsus  Panda Tj Banner Commission Copy by Wonderlandawaitsus  Toothless Banner by Wonderlandawaitsus  Edgar Banner Copy by Wonderlandawaitsus  Banner For Livestream Copy by Wonderlandawaitsus
Base Pricing:

Comic Page (2-5 panels): Pick the font type and text type (bubble or flat text on picture)

Simple/ Complex Reference Sheets
Includes: Full body and headshot of character, Colour scheme, and description
Canvas size of your choice depending on sheet complexity
1382244623 Wonderlandawaitsus Silver Realistic Ref by Wonderlandawaitsus  New OC Oct. 2013 by Wonderlandawaitsus  Jasmin Ref Sheet by Wonderlandawaitsus
Base Pricing: $35 
+$10 headshot/ paw "print" 

Character Badge
Character Profile w/ page description
500x400 canvas
Page Jasmin Info Copy by Wonderlandawaitsus Page Alex Statuses Copy by Wonderlandawaitsus
Pricing: $12

Journal Skin
A DeviantArt exclusive skin that can be used for the journal feature
Includes Skin background and one character
Canvas size: 650x710
Journal skin for tremlin- gift by Wonderlandawaitsus  Journal skin base - Copy (1) by Wonderlandawaitsus

Character Design

Img 20150521 190823 by Wonderlandawaitsus
  100 2394 By Earthwithoutartiseh1-d5y23e0 by Wonderlandawaitsus  100 2637 By Earthwithoutartiseh1-d62x93p by Wonderlandawaitsus 
Base Pricing: $15

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Submitted on
January 25, 2017