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My cubs I've adopted (updated) by Wonderlandawaitsus My cubs I've adopted (updated) by Wonderlandawaitsus

Adoption and cub Info:

Cub #1- adopted from =LoveofEdgar

Cub #2- The brown male connected to the reddish purple lioness and the male on the upper right.

Name: Kalamari

Gender: Male

Kalamari is pictured twice. Once with the female playing and the other on the right upper corner. I adopted him from here:…

Cub #3- The creamy lioness with the light brown ears is the lioness in row 2 column 4
I adopted her from :icontlkfani1:
Name: (not sure yet)
Gender: Female
Personality: Sometimes rude/ hostile, but usually very friendly. She's weary of others she doesn't know and is very mischevious. She's always causing trouble, but is very lovable.

History: She's stuck on her decision of where she wants to be. Her ancestors come from both the outsiders and the pridelands. She wants to be able to make her own decisions. (the rest will be decided later, I have to figure out who her parents will be)

Cub #4- The gray lion with the multi colored toes and white mane.

Name: (none yet but nicknamed "Stubby")

Gender: Male

Cub #5- The black cub is based off a design I did awhile ago for an adopt. I liked it so much that I redesigned a similar looking cub.

Name: (none yet)

Gender: (none yet; probably male)

Cub #6- dark creamy cub

Name: (none yet)

Gender: Male

Cub #7- really furry brown cub; I didn't really know how to add the excess fur onto the base around his ankles and other parts so that's why his other picture is next to him

Name: Kodi

Gender: Male

Adopted from ~CandyNtheSweetettez

Cub #8- The reddish female lion is from a past deviation I no longer wanted in my gallery but I wanted to keep her design. 

Name: (none yet)

Gender: Female

Cub #9- yellow female with spots

Name: Dandy (until I think of a better one)

Gender: female

The bases are owned :iconkisini:, :iconlirachiutlk:, :iconermisty:, :iconwolfgirl50:, :iconaloobah:, :iconquinnbases:, and Disney.
The cubs belong to me now; I've adopted them from :iconloveofedgar:, :iconcandynthesweetettez:, :iconcece-edgars-sister:, :iconsoufroma:, and :icontamathelion:.

nightstrikers Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1 is beautiful <3
Wonderlandawaitsus Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I adopted her from =Darkstripe999
nightstrikers Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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