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Secret Santa for Elfgrove
What if thoughts spread like diseases? </i>
I can't do it, Zuko. I thought I was strong, I thought I was brave, I thought I was a war hero. But I'm no one, I'm not a Fire Lady.
I can stand the stares from the women of the court, and the disdain from the men. I can stand the backstabbing, the lies and deceit, and the two-facedness in the court. I can even stand Aang's look of betrayal everytime he sees me. I can stand not going back to the Southern Water Tribe. I could stand being disowned by them, I know I could.
But I can't bear the way you're growing apart from me. You don't mean to, of course. But as everyday, someone new attacks the court in rebellion against our rumored engagement (we haven't even told anyone yet and it's this painful), and as the nobles tell you lies about me, I can see you slowly disengaging from me. I don't know whether it's the pain of trying to conceal all these things from me (didn't you think I would find out eventually?) or whether you're begi
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Green-Raincoat kiriban 3200 by wondering-wandering Green-Raincoat kiriban 3200 :iconwondering-wandering:wondering-wandering 0 1
Zutara Week 09 Lick Day 7
It's big and round and shiny. It's also rainbow colored, which makes it irresistible to her eight year old self. And it's also in the hands of her stinky (because all boys smell, Suki and Azula have told her) neighbor. She knows he's showing off, dangling it in front of her nose, but she can't help it. Her mouth is watering for that lollipop.
But it's Zuko's, and she's hated him ever since he played that mean trick with Sokka when they put papayas in my food, I haven't forgiven him. I have to forgive Sokka, he's my brother (and Mom made me after two weeks), but Zuko doesn't deserve it. So what if he'd apologized?
She looks determinedly away after he offers it to her, but can hear the crinkling of the wrapper behind her. There's silence for a while, and Katara thinks he's gone in and turns around cautiously.
He's still there, grinning and looking pleased at able to fool her like that. Ratfink. She doesn't know what it means, but heard Toph using it once, and was very lollipop is in his
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Zutara Week 09 Rhythm Day 6
Toph measures life by people's heartbeats. Snoozles' normally is a little faster than the others, but, strangely enough, slows down in moments of crises. Suki's is reliable - always 72 beats every minute, Toph could set a clock by it. But when Sokka and Suki are together, both their heart rates speed up to unusual levels, making it easy for her to detect when one of them enters a room in which the other is already present.
Twinkletoes' used to be quicker than the others, always excited, but it's slowed down recently. His new heart rate is a strange, slowish calming rhythm that is much steadier than before. Somehow, every time Toph hears it, she can feel herself calming down too. But now, sometimes, whenever she feels Twinkletoes' heartbeat, whenever he enters a room in which she is present, his calm heartbeat speeds up. She's not stupid, after sixteen years listening to people's hearts speaking she understands what this means. But she hasn't acted on it yet, though if she were to choos
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Zutara Week 09 Fireflies Day 5
Katara can't explain it, but even when she's in the Earth Kingdom thousands of miles away, she's thinking of Zuko. She's out in Toph's new house's garden, alone in the dark. But the sight of a tiny little ball of light crossing the garden - a firefly, she remembers him telling her - brings him to mind.
"Please, Katara," his voice cracks in the middle. "I'll make it work."
She disassociates herself from the memories, and thinks about life in the Earth Kingdom. She wouldn't call it boring, but it's not exactly interesting. Toph is off all day training young Earthbenders who can't afford masters, and she's been amusing herself by reading the endless books in the library.
"Sshhhhhhhhh," she giggles. "You don't want your stuffy old servants to hear us!"
He utters an expletive about what his servants can do that causes further giggles. She's only teasing him. Leaning in for a kiss, she's taken aback by his passion and loses herself in the moment. Forgets they're in between shelv
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ZutaraWeek09 Cactus Juice Day4
"Fire! Fire Nation!" yelled Sokka, pointing at two different objects and looking put out when no one reacted in the manner he expected them to.
"Yes, Sokka, we know," Katara said with the biting tone in her voice that is present so often these days. "The fire is to keep us warm, and the Fire Nation is to betray us." Yet again, is the unspoken thought.
There is a chorus of protest from Aang and Toph, who seem to be agreeing about a lot of things these days. Or maybe it's Katara's imagination, making her believe that everyone is ganging up on her.
It takes a slurred voice of reason to restrain Katara temporarily. "Shuuussh Katarrrr," Suki mumbles. "There's never smoke without fireee." Katara has no idea what Suki is getting at, but she is quiet at the rare word of rebuke from the usually neutral Suki. Of course, the cactus juice might have something to do with Suki suddenly taking a side on an issue.
Katara can't believe how immature they're being. So what if it may be the last chance th
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Zutara Week 09 Jealousy Day 3
"I can't believe you would say that."
"I said I was sorry, Katara." A hint of impatience slips through his words, and he prays that she won't notice it, for it'll mean at least two hours more of apologies. He tries not to think of the work henpecked, but it forces itself into his mind anyway, causing him to say something he's not sure he won't regret. "It's not like it's my fault anyway."
Katara goes on the defensive. "I'm not talking about the remarks made by them, but about the...thing you said after that." She sniffs dramatically, uncomfortably aware that she is overreacting. "Anyway, all the books said it would happen. Their tongues are made like that!"
Trying to inject some humor into the conversation, Zuko says, "Of course. But you know those books are written for mothers, right? They're hiding the truth."
Two high spots of color form on Katara's cheeks, and Zuko wonders if humor was the right choice, after all. " could you say that?" she sputters.
He assumes a
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Zutara Week 09 Blood Day 2
Katara had assumed the battle had ended well. She was amazed by the fact that they had managed to end it so peacefully, with the only real loss being Azula, and she was not dead. From Zuko's coronation until the tea party they had after it, she thanked the spirits every moment. Someone had been watching over them - it seemed that none of the people she loved had been hurt. She did not know of any casualties among her friends, and due to the fact that the six of them had managed to bring down most of the Fire Nation's offensive, and Zuko had ordered the army to stop attacking the moment he was crowned, there was little opportunity for the others to get hurt.
She was naive, and stupid to assume the good fortune could last. It was like a children's story, six teenagers manage to bring down an entire nation without any harm to themselves. And all the people just accept it. She hadn't realized it was impossible for some to forget nearly the hundred year indoctrination they had received at t
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Zutara Week 09 Crossover Day 1
Currently, Katara was sitting across from Zuko with her bowl of food, but was neglecting her food in favor of giving him death glares. Not that there was much food, even though Zuko had done his best in the nearby forest. She ignored the conversation going on around her, instead focusing hard on Zuko picking at his food.
"What's the matter, Zuko? Too peasant-like for you? I'll take your portion." Her viciousness silences the others, and Zuko attempts a smile back, but falters at her icy gaze.
"It's great," he lies.
Katara huffs. "Well, if you'd not tired out Aang firebending, maybe he could have helped you hunt."
I'm about to protest that I saw both of them training, and Zuko was doing all the exact same moves, but Aang beats me to it. "Katara, I need to train up before the Comet."
It silences her for awhile, that rare intervention from the peace-loving Aang, and I attempt to start a conversation. I figure, sitting next to her I should be able to distract her. Just as I explain how I i
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if only
if only you'd been the one
if only i'd told you
if only you hadn't left
if only i hadn't emailed you
if only you'd replied
if only we'd met
if only i'd told you
if only you'd been the one
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supersonic-gabi 10,000 views by wondering-wandering supersonic-gabi 10,000 views :iconwondering-wandering:wondering-wandering 0 0 akamik 10001 by wondering-wandering akamik 10001 :iconwondering-wandering:wondering-wandering 0 0
Something Different About Love
Dance with me
Don’t come any closer,
because the thought of you and me…
sharing even the air between us is
more than I can bear.
More than I can hold on hope for.
If you take a step forward
I’ll take a step back,
beginning our little waltz again.
Stay where you are a while,
and we can move together,
like synchronized swimmers.
The same motion parallel to yours,
never closer or further away.
Because you can’t pull back, leave me here,
We need each other,
like two people each using the other for support
You are my strength even though we don’t ever bridge the gap
You hold me up, without ever laying your hand on my skin.
Maybe, one day, I‘ll reach across the gap. I’ll lead. I’ll step towards you
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My ID by wondering-wandering My ID :iconwondering-wandering:wondering-wandering 0 3 PheonixKarr's 6000th by wondering-wandering PheonixKarr's 6000th :iconwondering-wandering:wondering-wandering 0 0
Tokka for will2bill
It took him a while to realize that she had no nickname for him. Aang was Twinkletoes, Katara was Sweetness (or more memorably Madame Fussybritches), Zuko was Sparky and even Suki was called Fan Girl. He knew punches and nicknames were her ways of showing affection, but she had even stopped punching him as much as usual lately. He certainly hadn't changed, indeed the other day Katara had told him "Why can't you stop being such a moron, Sokka?" The actual sentence had involved more expletives, but just because he liked Zuko didn't mean he approved of anyone dating his little sister.
Did that mean she didn't care for him? He had always loved Toph, in the half-affectionate, half-maddened way that everyone loved Toph. He was frustrated every time she decided to trip him or trick him with her 'seeing' jokes, but she endeared herself to him by the things she thought no one saw. The way, even while practicing, she would avoid hurting even the smallest ant in the ground. The small soft sides t
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Disney's Princesses 2 by daekazu Disney's Princesses 2 :icondaekazu:daekazu 20,117 1,552 Disney's Princesses by daekazu Disney's Princesses :icondaekazu:daekazu 21,229 1,501 Things We Lost in the Fire by julvett Things We Lost in the Fire :iconjulvett:julvett 303 31 Rose and  Scorpius by julvett Rose and Scorpius :iconjulvett:julvett 1,789 263 +Childhood+ by moni158 +Childhood+ :iconmoni158:moni158 4,493 371 ZW 10: Alternate Universe by TheCuddlyKoalaWhale ZW 10: Alternate Universe :iconthecuddlykoalawhale:TheCuddlyKoalaWhale 147 41 Zutara Week- Storm by Jessiphia Zutara Week- Storm :iconjessiphia:Jessiphia 1,158 160 I'm sorry. by BlancaVenus I'm sorry. :iconblancavenus:BlancaVenus 100 12 More than What I once Was -fin by Isaia More than What I once Was -fin :iconisaia:Isaia 10,119 1,370 Zutara - Ember islands secret by DesiRoseDesigns Zutara - Ember islands secret :icondesirosedesigns:DesiRoseDesigns 695 313 ATLA: Face the Elements by Teo-Hoble ATLA: Face the Elements :iconteo-hoble:Teo-Hoble 1,258 184 calvin.hobbes.suzy.manga style by nami64 calvin.hobbes.suzy.manga style :iconnami64:nami64 6,123 790 zutara request by bonana-chan zutara request :iconbonana-chan:bonana-chan 209 20 Zutara Fanfic Request by Emotions5Times Zutara Fanfic Request :iconemotions5times:Emotions5Times 29 11



Journal Entry: Tue Nov 10, 2009, 1:13 AM


Need a translator for these raws from page 162 onwards (rest are on Mangafox) -…

Nothing much to say, just wanted to try out skins.

Reading lots of manga lately - any good shoujo? I've read most of the big ones.

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lives in zutaraland
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