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Junk Room

Oh yes, its all going down hill from here, update wise. My gallery is sure to be taken over by this OCT. [link] , hosted by #Evo-Obsessed-Club and #TheBrotherhoodclub

After lots of deliberation, I decided her hero name will be Junk Room, since A) its a strange thing to call someone and B) She creates what she needs for that situation, so it fits.

Important note about her powers: They are weak against illusions and dissolve in water.*

And now a continuation of her profile:
Amanda has one sibling, her twin brother Addam, who is also a mutant. Amanda and Addam are unaware of who their birthmother is, growing up with their father and step mother. All her life Amanda had a pretty free range life, her father an art professor and her step-mother a stay at home hippy of a mom. Since she was old enough to know about sexuality she has insisted that she was supposed to be born a boy. A gay boy and refuses to respond to the name Amanda, going only by Curtis, which she says would have been her name.

An explanation of Curtis's state of mind on her gender and sexuality in her own words would be: "I'm a gay boy, also known as a straight girl."

Curtis is very optimistic and hyper active, using soccer and other sports as an outlet for that energy. Another passion besides sports is news. She often sits on the floor slack-jawed in-front of the TV whenever the news is on, no matter what its about.

Fiercely loyal, once Curtis decides you are her friend she means it, even if the other person hates her. She likes to spend time with people, even if its just sitting with someone saying nothing, she craves the connection. When alone or in an uncomfortable situation she will talk to herself as a coping mechanism.

Curtis is very curious and likes to explore, so expect her to beg and plead her team mates to go into the woods with her for some exploring. She promises not to sing the Dora the Explorer theme song out loud.

Other Hobbies/Likes:
Reading, checkers, music, small animals, letters, bells, old movies, dolls, hot chocolate, pears, cheese, glowsticks, questions and answers.

Clothing Details: Curtis always wears skirts or shorts. Never pants, unless it's winter. In that case she wears black jeans. She is almost always seen wearing her panda hoodie, but when she isn't she only wears bright neon colored tank-tops or t-shirts. The goggles were a gift from her father and she always wears them, but NEVER on her eyes. They are not for wearing, only decoration, its almost impossible to see through them. She will usually wear them around her neck is she isn't wearing her hoodie.

The metal staff was formerly a broom handle. She broke the broom part off to practice channeling her energy.

Her brother Addam is a pyromancer and after the intro comic will only be referenced in letters between the siblings or phone calls, unless she is asked about him.

Curtis / Art (c) Wondering-Antagonist
X-men Evolution (c) MARVEL
Template by *BlazeRocket
*Curtis eventually can fortify her creations against water but it takes a great deal of energy out of her. Also she can create machines like cars and things. But not in this OCT, at least not at this time.
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dizzydazzle's avatar
Hey, sorry you didn't make the third round. :( I kept on scrolling through all the names thinking, "Hmm where is JunkRoom? I must keep missing her name...." I'm actually really surprised and sad about it because I thought your comic was hilariously fantastic.
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
Yeah, I was pretty surprised too (I was kinda hopping nobody from our team got kicked out but I know that wouldn't be fair)

But yeah, it is what it is and I guess Curtis just gets to be a lurker and a creeper now.

Oh well, she may be done in this OCT but I'm not going to abandon Curtis.
dizzydazzle's avatar
I want to know they're reasons for giving you the boot. I really couldn't think of anything... Maybe it was just too goofy for them? Oh well, what's done is done. I'll try to put in a Curtis cameo in my comic. ^_^
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
I'd love to know too, and awww Thanks~ :]
dizzydazzle's avatar
Hey I guess we're on the same team for the challenge. TEAM AWESOME TIGHTS!!! :D
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
nekobecki's avatar
I looove Curtis's outfit! It's visually pleasing, and then you add in the goggles, which makes it reach woahawesome.
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
Haha thank-you!
And yes, goggles just make everything go up on the awesome meter.
nekobecki's avatar
My love of the goggles is now being tested. You were right about how difficult they are to draw!
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
Haha! Indeed my friend, indeed. Good luck!
ShamsArts's avatar
Useful power! :D
Earthenwing's avatar
WOO transgender xmen! possibly... I was a little confused by your profile. It's polite to call a transgender person by their real gender, not their biological gender, so is Curtis supposed to be a FTM transgender or a tomboy?
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
I'm not sure exactly manner wise what its polite to call her, but she prefers being called a 'he' because she is under the impression that she is a gay boy. So yes, FTM Transgender. :]
animatedG1's avatar
Ha, cute girl. Good luck in the tounrament!
bararosa's avatar
-wiggles at her, questioningly- ]8
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