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Batgirl and Supergirl redesign

had this one done for a while,
just wanted to do some more dc comics heroes,
and wanted to have some fun with it, so i drew a full sized version of the BatGirl version i did earlier and decided to pair her off with my take on SuperGirl .

SuperGirl's costume is something i've always had problems with
the fact that she always wore a skirt and flys, i thought was just a dumb decision on the design side so i gave her the standard superman lower half type costume and althought i was pleased with some of the aspects of the michael turner version of her costume with the yellow border on the cape and top, so i took that and shortened it to be short sleeves but kept the mid-drift, and to tie it together with past versions i gave her gloves from the dc animated verison of the character

hope ya dig

colored batgirl
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Yeah, even in the comics they've made fun of that skirt...