Wonderful Wednesday 2018 - 7

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the next new folder:

Imaginative Wonders

It is for products of your fantasy like mythical creatures, dragons&unicorns and all the other fantasy stuff.^^

submissions that will fit in the folder could be:

Serenade by ApollinArt   Voyage by Wolfberry-J     Spider-Man by FerPeralta

DIESELPUNK by RafaCM   Forest ghost by 13PaVel     Mania by arnaerr

Bendy and Boris_-_Best Pals by AkatsukiFan505     Tigerrarium by Calmality     Summer Snooze by gavinodonnell

~Warm Hug by UnicornCat     Hidden butterfly by IreneScene     Fawn by MaGeXP

We are still in need for 1 or 2 new moderators to vote on our submissions. It is not much work (some days a week less then 15minutes) but necessary to run the group so please comment this feature or note me if you want to help.
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Wolfberry-J's avatar
Thanks for sharing!  I enjoyed visiting the galleries of these interesting artists. 
AquaVarin's avatar
Just want to say I really like how you introduce new folders with illustrated examples, make it easy to understand:)
cacharoth's avatar
rhunel's avatar
Very cool features!!
JACAC's avatar
g r e a t . c h o i c e . =)
RafaCM's avatar
Thanks a lot for the mention :hug:
cacharoth's avatar
you are welcome^^
UnicornCat's avatar
Wow, my picture in one breath with these great artworks, thank you!

I suppose you did not open the folder yet, I can't find it now :) 

cacharoth's avatar
you are welcome^^

the new folders will be open when all of them were shown in the wonderful wednesday features. for now they are closed.
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